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Charity Website For Ellotte Future

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It came to our attention that one of our past clients, the lovely Sarah from When Lulu Met Weasel, was moonlighting and running a charity for severely underprivileged children in an African community. What happened next was we basically said, “Hey what you’re doing is really cool – would you like a free website?”She took us up on the offer and we produced what we hope is a hard hitting and donation inducing website that will support some truly amazing work in the poorest country in the world. Here’s an excerpt from the launch post.

Ellotte Future Building are a charity based in Nkhata Bay, Malawi

Malawi is officially the poorest country in the world, and this great organisation provides the children of the Nkhata Bay region with a better life and a better chance for a future.

Ellotte provides education, sports and daycare facilities to some of the poorest children on the planet, so the least we could do was to give them a website!

You can see the completed site at Ellotte Future and you can support their wonderful work by buying a raffle ticket on our website!

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