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Google April Mobile Web Update

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We posted extensively via social media about the Google mobile friendly update on April 21st and how it could affect tens of thousands of websites, and we’re really shocked how many non mobile friendly sites we’re still seeing! Simply put, in this day and age responsive, mobile friendly web design is absolutely crucial.

As of April 21st, if your website isn’t mobile friendly it will no longer be indexed by Google for any search from a mobile device. You might not think this is a big deal, but consider that around 50% of searches are made from a mobile device and you’ve just lost half your target market. If your business can afford that, then congratulations because you’re doing a hell of a job! But just think about all that lost revenue potential.

You can get the official lowdown about mobile friendly web design update from Google here.

Of course at Design By Sully, all of our web design is 100% responsive and 100% mobile friendly, so if you’re a client reading this, you can relax. But if you know anyone who has a site that isn’t mobile friendly, or if you’re just slightly unsure – get them to check. You’ll be doing your friend a massive favour!

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Bye for now from sunny Coventry 🙂

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