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9th May 2015
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29th May 2015
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Primary School Web Design Project

For the last few months we’ve had a bit of a secret project on the go. We were speaking to a local Coventry primary school about redesigning their website when the head teacher murmured, “It’s a shame the kids can’t design the website themselves”. We all immediately agreed that was an awesome idea!

A website built by primary school children.

Design By Sully wouldn’t build the website. Instead, as part of the great¬†Children’s University learning program, I began going to the school every Friday afternoon to teach a group of children web design. I laid down the PHP framework and over a 12 week period the children – aged from 8 to 11 – learned and added the HTML and CSS to give us a working, modern school website!

We split up the team into a few areas of responsibility for the web design. Coders, designers, photographers, content writers and a liaison to coordinate between the website team and the school administration to make sure we were covering all the legal requirements and safeguarding issues.

Several months later and with a second group of mini web designers, the ground breaking school website is incredibly close to being ready for launch. In June we have a team from Sky News coming in to install a mobile television studio which the children are going to use to record and stream video for the website.

This project is inspiring and teaching a new generation of web designers, journalists, sound engineers and more. We think it’s an amazing thing that primary age kids are capable of learning such technical skills – and quickly. Added to that, who’s ever heard of a bunch of 8-11 year olds producing a website for a public institution? Or being trained in the use of modern broadcast equipment from the ground up?

Organisations like Children’s University, forward thinking primary schools and companies prepared to invest in their community can do amazing things.

Keep your eyes open for news on the site launch here in early summer.

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