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15th June 2015
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9th July 2015
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As usual, things in the land of Design By Sully are manic. We’ve got a load of lovely new clients patiently waiting for their new websites and logos and we’re busy finishing off a few websites that are tantalisingly close to being launched, so watch this space!

We’re just starting work on a revamp for a well known multi vendor eCommerce website, which is pretty exciting for us, although its going to be a lot of work! We’re also looking forward to the official unveiling of our school project on Friday which will launch the FIRST EVER website in the UK built entirely by primary school kids! They did have a good teacher though 🙂

In another UK first, we’re also currently working on the web design for the first ever authentic Hobbit Hole accommodation in the country. The Hobbit Hole itself currently in the process of being built and we can’t wait for it to be finished so we can book in.

This afternoon we’ll be heading to the Godiva Festival with my parents on their first ever visit to Coventry! Should be an interesting first impression for them.

Oh, and the graphic above is just something we made as a bit of fun for our Facebook page. If you haven’t already, pop over and be social!

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