About Jim

About Jim - AKA Sully

Hi, I'm Jim. I spend between 10 and 16 hours (depending what's on TV or how into a book I am) a day building websites and doing graphics for our lovely customers.

Web design was always a hobby for me while I pranced around in the corporate world, but I decided to bite the bullet and work for myself rather than someone else, and happily my suit and tie days are long behind me!

When Design By Sully started I could never have imagined it growing to the point it now has. From humble beginnings working from my kitchen counter on an outdated laptop, we're now one of four companies under the same umbrella and work with thousands of customers across the world!

I'm rugby obsessed and work comes to a grinding halt whenever England or Northampton Saints are playing. If I don't answer the phone, the chances are that one of those two things are happening! Bear with me though, I will call you back.

I love working at Design By Sully, and we've got awesome customers. It always makes me happy when a client is super excited come the launch of their website, and the reactions we get make all the hard work more than worth it

By Jim, age 38 ¼