Moving to a new property is usually an exciting but also time-consuming process. 

However, when it comes to packing, most would agree that it is a stressful activity that everyone dreads.

Many people have already experienced the process of switching homes. Going through the entire packing and moving process numerous times provides us with plenty of tried-and-true moving tips. 

Following those listed below will allow you to save yourself a lot of time and stress.

Plan everything ahead

Like any other significant task, planning will help you better direct things. Make sure to divide the entire process into smaller, easier-to-manage projects with clear deadlines.

When creating a plan, you can decide whether you need help from a specialised packing service. Having the time and peace of mind to research and choose the best moving company goes a long way.

Create checklist

The bigger the project, the higher the chance you will forget something. List all the tasks you can think of that you must complete before your move and put them on a checklist. When going through it, check the ones you have already completed while regularly keeping track of what remains.

This will allow you to remember everything and give you a better idea of the entire process. You can monitor your progress, and you can relax and feel that sense of fulfilment with every single item you cross off the list.

Declutter your belongings

Moving is the perfect opportunity to reduce clutter as much as possible.

Before you start packing your things, go through them. You will find something you no longer want, need, or use. Give them up for recycling or donate them to a charity based on their condition.

Pack whatever you can long before the move

Even though we all know how time-consuming the move-out process is, we underestimate it more often than not. When we change properties, other aspects of our lives do go on, and quite often, we find ourselves juggling between work, moving out, and planning things for our new home.

Save yourself the horror of doing everything at the last possible moment. Start packing your non-essential items well in advance. The closer you get to your move-out date, work through your belongings and put more and more in boxes, leaving only the essentials for the last day.

Prepare as much as possible packing materials

It’s important to get everything you need well before your moving date so you cut the costs of the process and have plenty of time to pack.

If you do not plan on using a house packing service, prepare well. Check what materials you have available. If you believe you need more, visiting the marketplace for cheap or free supplies may be a good idea. Exploring renting options near you is another excellent alternative.

Understand what type of packing materials you need

Different items require different packaging to keep them safe. 

Whether it’s a lot of fragile items or big furniture you need to move, you may need various packing materials. 

The list of the necessary packing materials can include, but will not be limited to:

  • Packing boxes in various sizes. You can not place everything in big boxes, so ensure you have enough small and medium-sized ones.
  • Bubble wrap. When safeguarding your valuable possessions, nothing is more secure than bubble wrap. It is also a great option to fill the empty space in your box.
  • Newspapers or packing paper. While bubble wrap prevents damage, it may not always be applicable. Newspapers or packing paper protect your glasses, cups, and plates.
  • Tape. You will need approximately one roll of tape for every 15 to 20 boxes, so ensure you have plenty of that.
  • Stretch wrap. There is a reason why all movers use it. When moving furniture or stacking different-sized boxes, stretch wraps will ensure they are secured until they arrive at your new destination.

While those are the most commonly used materials, a large variety is available for you to use. You can opt to use cardboard boxes for your move or rent crate boxes, which reduce waste and are more environmentally friendly.

Consider what needs to be packed

When it comes to planning, having an idea of what you need to pack is crucial. Carefully go through your belongings and choose which ones you would like to pack well in advance and which you would need to use until the very last day.

If you have houseplants that you want to move, then maybe you would need to look into their needs a bit more carefully. Many plants may require an open box, while others can not be locked in a van with no sunlight for a prolonged period of time.

Another thing to consider is an essentials bag. It can include some fresh clothing, snacks, water, medications, a phone, and anything else you deem essential for you to use once you arrive at your new place immediately.

Group your items by room, use, size, and weight

If you have used removal packing service companies before, you know they usually tend to group up all your items. It makes the loading and unloading of your belongings more convenient.

When grouping up your possessions, you can start by rooms. Collect all your items in your living room together, and do the same for the rest.

Once you are done, you need to sort out the items based on how you use them. For instance, you will need your cutlery and glasses sooner rather than your pans or pots.

Grouping them up by size will make transporting easier. Use smaller boxes for small items such as books and electronics. Larger ones, such as lamps and bedding, go into bigger boxes.

When packing, ensure you adequately separate the heavier things from the lighter ones. Place the weighty ones in smaller boxes to avoid making them too heavy.

Label your boxes

What good does it do to sort all your possessions if you don’t know what is where?

Add proper labelling to all your boxes before you load them in the truck. Place notes in terms of the room that the items belong to and what contents are inside.

You can make a priority list for your stuff, so you know how soon you will need to unpack once you are at your new place. Never forget to label all fragile items properly.

Better be safe than not

When packing your things, do not be stingy with the bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or whatever option you choose to fill the empty spaces in your boxes.

When moving so many things at once, there is a chance of accidents or unfortunate damage. Some packing companies offer insurance when transporting your belongings. To ensure the safety of your staff, look into the different policies that they have.

Don’t wait until the day before the move

If you are able to do something today, do not leave it for tomorrow. This is true in many cases, and packing is undoubtedly one of them.

Contact your utility providers well in advance to schedule the services for your new home. Also, request that those are stopped for your move-out date at the current place.

If you plan on using removal packing services or renting supplies, contact them well in advance to ensure that the date you need them for is not already booked.


Moving can be an overwhelming task. Make sure you help yourself by starting well in advance. 

Check your belongings and get rid of what you don’t need to reduce the burden of packing.

To ensure a successful move, get all the necessary packing materials, create a plan, research moving companies, prepare your checklist, and follow them closely to ensure you get everything done.

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