Your home requires regular maintenance and fixing before problems arise. For this reason, most homeowners have a to-do list of home maintenance tasks to perform each month.

While this is good advice, it’s not always possible to remember everything you need to do on a regular basis. Before you think you can get away with forgetting a few tasks, think again.

If you don’t do regular maintenance, it can cause a number of problems down the line. Below are the tasks you shouldn’t forget when you have a to-do list on your kitchen counter. Continue reading!

1. HVAC Coil Cleaning

A dirty HVAC coil is the cause of poor air circulation, making it one of the most critical components of your system. It’s essential to check and clean your coils to ensure they are working, maintain healthy air quality, and increase your system’s efficiency.

Regular home maintenance services are essential, as dust and other debris can gather on your coils, restricting airflow and making your system run less. Using a vacuum and brush to remove dirt and debris or a more intensive coil cleaning can help ensure your HVAC system’s quality and efficiency.

Taking the time to read this guide to spring hvac maintenance can make a big difference in your HVAC system that you should remember.

2. Water Heater Maintenance

It’s essential to take the initiative to maintain the water heater to keep it working throughout the year. Without a proper home maintenance plan, your water heater can be prone to hot and cold spots, sediment buildup, and severe safety issues.

You should inspect the anode rod and replace it if necessary, as it helps reduce corrosion to the tank. You should test the temperature and pressure release valve for proper operation.

You should also flush the tank to remove sediment buildup to improve the heater’s efficiency and life. These steps will help ensure the water heater runs well and functions.

3. Dryer Vent Cleaning

A clogged vent can cause lint to accumulate inside the dryer and on your clothing, leading to static electricity and worn fabrics over time. Clogged dryer vents are a fire hazard, causing the dryer’s temperature to become too hot.

Suppose you’re unfamiliar with dryer vent cleaning. In that case, it is best to hire a professional service, as special tools you need to clean the vents. To keep the vents clean, empty the lint trap after each use and check around the outside of the dryer for any lint or debris buildup.

Cleaning the vent helps reduce energy consumption which can reduce energy bills and save you money. Home maintenance technicians can provide this service if you feel uncomfortable performing this task yourself.

Inspect your dryer system and consult a professional for deeper cleanings and repairs. Immediately address any cleaning or restoration needed to keep your home safe and dryer clothes dry.

Don’t Forget These Home Maintenance Needs

Proper home maintenance is the key to having a safe and functional home. Attention to these critical tasks is essential as they can help prevent more serious repair issues.

Have a home maintenance plan to ensure you complete all jobs. Consider hiring a professional for difficult jobs to ensure satisfactory completion. Act now and give your home the attention it deserves.

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