Did you know there are currently about 58 million pet cats in the US? Most pet parents acknowledge that spending money on their furry family members is a worthwhile investment. 

Getting a new cat is a happy event. Still, it’s essential to mentally prepare to handle the unique responsibilities of owning a feline companion. 

Do you want to get the best for your fur baby? Every cat is different and requires their bare cat essentials.

Keep reading to learn everything a cat parent needs to buy when you have a cat.

1. Food and Water Bowls

Cat food and water bowls should typically be shallow, wide dishes, allowing cats to access their food and water easily. Durable, stainless steel bowls are a great option as they are easy to clean and are not easily damaged.

Additionally, stainless steel bowls are suitable for keeping food fresh. When choosing a water bowl, a larger size is essential as cats need plenty of fresh water daily. Fortunately, Pet Besty has a wide array of feeders, toys, and other starter essentials for any fur parent.

2. Cat Litter Box and Scoop

A litter box and scoop are essential when you have a cat. Make sure to pick a litter box large enough for your cat’s size and a scoop that’s easy to use.

Your cat litter box must be 1.5x longer and broader than your cat, with 1 to 2 inches of litter. Litter boxes come in all sorts of designs and materials, so you can find one that fits seamlessly with your home.

When picking a scoop, choose one made of stainless steel, as it’s easy to clean and will not rust. Additionally, you’ll want something large and comfortable to hold that allows you to thoroughly remove the waste with as few scoops as possible to help reduce the time spent cleaning the box.

3. Toys and Scratching Posts

Cats, by nature, are naturally energetic, playful, and curious creatures. Therefore, having various stimulating cat products and toys makes for an enjoyable playtime experience while helping develop mental and physical activities.

Scratching posts are also vital as they allow cats to practice one of their most instinctual behaviors. Furthermore, they help cats with their shedding routine and allow them to stretch and exercise. These activities can help cats release excess energy, which can help prevent unwanted behaviors, such as furniture damage. 

4. Grooming Tools and Health Supplies

When caring for a cat, there are various cat goods, grooming tools, and health supplies you will need to buy to care for your pet correctly. Some essentials you should consider are a stiff brush and a slicker brush to keep your cat clean and free of tangled fur.

You’ll also need to buy clippers and scissors to trim long hairs and to keep dangerous nails in check. Additionally, invest in ear cleaning solutions and eye drops to keep your cat healthy and parasites at bay. 

Get the Bare Cat Essentials to Keep Your Fur Baby Healthy and Happy

Getting the best cat essentials can be overwhelming, but knowing what to buy is a must. The correct items, from beds to food, toys, and litter, will ensure your cat stays healthy and happy. 

As a pet owner, you must provide your pet has what they need. So, remember to do your research and shop wisely. Grab your shopping list and get your furry companion the essentials they need!

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