Selling your house can be a long and stressful process. In preparation, you want to do anything you possibly can to increase your home’s valuation so that you can make the most from the sale. But did you know that replacing your roof is one of the things that can increase the value?

Keep reading for four reasons why you should install a new roof before selling your home.

1. Higher Selling Price

When selling your home you need to consider how your roof will affect the sale price.

For a moment, pretend you are a prospective buyer. Cracked or damaged shingles show the buyer that they will need to repair or replace the roof sooner rather than later. They will factor in the cost of this and lower their offer.

When buying a house people are looking not only for the perfect home but also for the best quality home in their price range. Generators, new garage doors, fancy bathrooms, and a new roof all factor into their decision.

If you’re looking for a trusted roofing company, consider

2. Improve the Appeal

You’ve probably heard the term “curb appeal” by now. prospective buyers are more likely to want to view the inside of your home if they find the outside appealing. As they say, first impressions matter.

When deciding between roof repair vs. replacement, consider how a new roof will portray your house as a whole. A new roof will show buyers that you care about your house and they can assume the inside is as meticulous as the outside. 

3. Attract “Turnkey” Buyers

A turnkey property is one that is immediately move-in ready. By getting a roof replacement, there are no major repairs or improvements that the new owners will need to do before moving into their new space. Properties that are move-in ready are ideal when dealing with demanding schedules and long lead times.

With the popularity of Airbnb rentals more and more buyers are looking to buy homes as an investment. Offering them a property that has minimal work that needs to be done will appeal to them since they can start cashing in on their investment sooner. People are willing to pay more for convenience.

4. Add Value

Did you know that your roof can have a warranty? Some installers can offer an extended warranty which will transfer to the new owner after you sell your home.

The option of an extended warranty is often overlooked, so ask the companies you are considering if it is something they offer.

You Should Install a New Roof

Installing a new roof should be a priority if you are thinking of selling your home. The curb appeal increase alone will bring more prospective buyers to your door, so don’t hesitate in making this investment today.

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