Mini Bongs offer all the water filtration benefits of their bigger counterparts with added portability. This makes them one of the most popular choices for smokers who prefer discretion over flash. These little rigs can fit into your backpack and be brought along on hikes, picnics, friends’ houses, concerts, or drive-in theaters.


Mini bongs offer the convenience of a portable, smaller size that’s easier to carry and hide. These small bongs are perfect for your daily hitter or to take on the go. The slender curved body of this piece features unique color options and a bent back neck that’s super convenient for you to hold. It also has a 14mm bowl ready to load up on your favorite herb. This beaker-style mini bong offers a simple yet stunning design that will catch anyone’sanyone’s attention. The clear borosilicate glass lets you see your smoke as it travels through the fixed downstem and diffuser, offering smooth hits every time. It’s also easy to clean and maintain, unlike other bongs that can be difficult to clean properly.


A small bong could be your perfect match if you want to avoid going out on a big bong or prefer a more discreet smoking option. Gauging the size of a hit is more straightforward with smaller bongs and can be very useful for new smokers as they learn their limits. Many of these mini-pieces also offer the same features as standard-sized bongs, like percolators and ash catchers. You can even get tiny dab rigs that are perfect for concentrates. Some even have splash guards to prevent spit back from the bong and are easier to clean. They conserve your herbs, too, allowing you to enjoy sessions longer.


If you don’t care about cool or cute but want to be sure your smoking implements are functional, mini bongs are the right choice. They are easy to clean and easily stowed away when not in use. Unlike joints, blunts, and vaporizers that require extra preparation and can be harsh on your lungs, mini bongs give you powerfully smooth hits. The mini silicone bongs are also easy to pack and won’twon’t shatter if you drop them, making them the perfect companion for outdoor adventures.


Mini bongs are easy to clean, less prone to breaking, and can fit in small spaces. They also conserve herbs so you can smoke for longer. All head shops should carry a selection of mini glass bongs for customers who prefer the portability of bubblers over full-sized bongs. Offering them a variety of colors and features will allow your customers to find the perfect fit. From beaker bongs to straight-tube minis, they can customize their rig with ash catchers and different joint angles for maximum flavor. These mini-bongs make the best addition to any smoker’s collection. Suppose you’re an on-the-go stoner or prefer to pack light when smoking. Mini bongs are a great option. They are small enough to fit into a purse or backpack and can easily be slipped into your back pocket if you want to conceal it from others.

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