There are 7.25 million horses in the US. If there’s one creature that will benefit from proper grooming, it is these amazing majestic animals.  

As a horse owner, it’s your duty to ensure that the horse you own is healthy, well-groomed, and beautiful. It is up to you to supply the tools needed to perform the job.  

Whether you are a beginner stall cleaner or a stable hand, grooming tools can be mighty confusing to you. Here’s a simple guide to horse grooming tools to help you make sense of it all.

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1. Grooming Comb

A grooming comb is an essential tool for your horse grooming kit. It is used to detangle the mane and tail, which can be especially messy if left unmaintained. It can also be used to gather hair for braiding or to remove any embedded dirt or debris.

The comb should run along the entire length of the mane and tail to ensure the hair is evenly combed and free of knots. A good quality comb should last several years if properly maintained and should be washed after each use. 

2. Hoof Pick

Hoof picks are used to remove dirt, mud, and stones from the horse’s hooves and to check for any signs of bruising or foot-related issues.

It’s important to make sure that you use the appropriately sized hoof pick for your horse breed, as the wrong size could cause damage to the hoof. When using a hoof pick, start by lubricating the hoof by using a hoof conditioner.  

3. Towel or Rag

They should always be soft and thick and used for drying any wet areas. Cotton towels and terry cloth rags are the most popular because of their absorbency and durability.

Towels are ideal for use in sensitive areas such as the eyes and facial areas. They should always be dampened and wiped away in the direction of the hair grain to avoid striping or matting the hair.

4. Shedding Blade

Shedding blades can help get your horse ready for spring with their ability to remove the bit of extra hair your horse may have grown over the winter months.

Not only do shedding blades make it easier for the horse to stay clean, but they also reduce the time needed to groom and help to keep the horse’s coat looking polished and properly groomed.

With its ability to quickly yet gently remove loose hair, shedding blades is an essential tool for anyone looking to groom their horse for the start of spring.

5. Curry Comb

Horse brushes are key in achieving an effective grooming regime. Curry combs are used to rub away dead skin and hair. The circular motion when applying the comb helps to distribute natural oils on the surface of the horse’s coat. 

This will help to prevent skin problems and make the horse’s coat look smooth and shiny. The circular motion when applying the comb helps to distribute natural oils on the surface of the horse’s coat. 

Learning the Important Horse Grooming Tools

Essential tools for proper horse grooming are a must for any equine owner. From mane and tail combs to body brushes to curry combs and more, it’s important to have quality tools available to ensure your horse looks and feels its best.

So get stocked up today and start grooming your horse to perfection!

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