Coins keep history alive. Numismatics appreciate the sentiment of holding a tangible piece of history and investing in the coins that mean the most to them. Whether you want to add to your portfolio or purchase a coin to cherish on its own, there are plenty of options.

Knowing what you want from your coin collection can help you find the coins that’ll mean the most to you. Some individuals prefer to invest in coins that work with a completed collection. Others want to create a collection reflecting a specific period or multiple historical points.

Whatever your goals are, doing your research can set you up and help you succeed with investing in coins you’ll love. To help you get started, we’ve listed five coins worth adding to any respectable coin collection, including the gold 1 oz coin: the American Gold Eagle coin. Read on to discover what you should consider adding to your coin collection. 

1.   American Gold Eagle: gold 1 oz coin

This gold 1 oz coin is the number one selling gold bullion coin. Since the coin’s value is consistent, it provides investment stability. It also adds to one’s portfolio, given the historical value of the coin’s emergence, following soon after the Gold Bullion Act of 1985.

2.   American Gold Buffalo 

Like the American Gold Eagle gold 1 oz coin, the Gold Buffalo is a highly popular coin for investors and collectors. It was designed after the 1913 Buffalo Nickel, featuring a Native American chief on the front and an American buffalo on the back. American gold buffalo coins are also sought-after because of their high purity.

3.   1921 Peace Dollar

The Peace Dollar commemorates the peace after The Great War. The rarity of this coin makes it, like the gold 1 oz coin of the American Gold Eagle coin, a sought-after one for collectors and investors. The production was limited due to complications that occurred from the inability of the metal to lower the recesses of the dies, resulting in poor detail. While this is a rare coin, it can be acquired at a modest price.

4.   1914-D Lincoln Cent

The 1914 Lincoln Cent is not as scarce as the 1909 Lincoln Cent, making it more approachable for investors. However, the coin is still rare, and there are fewer uncirculated 1914 cent coins available compared to the number of 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent coins that remain.

5.   1917 Standing Liberty Quarter

Unlike the gold 1 oz coin, the American Gold Eagle coin, the 1917 Standing Liberty Quarter is incredibly rare. Featuring Lady Liberty with an exposed left breast, the coin was then a source of public outrage. Both circulated, and uncirculated versions can be acquired for this coin containing such a unique history.

A Portfolio You’re Proud Of

While there are quintessential coins you may want to find, any coin that holds meaning to you is worth adding to your collection. Consider the above five options and start building a coin portfolio that you’re proud of. 

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