Shelves as we know and use them today evolved from the aumbry. An aumbry was a cupboard at the back of churches where religious texts and scrolls were stored in. While the general purpose is still the same, the design and materials used to make shelves have come a long way from aumbries.

These days you can never have enough storage space, but without creative shelving ideas, your home can look cluttered and disheveled.

So, keep reading to find out more about five shelving ideas to help you add more character to a room.

1. Floating Shelves

The simplicity and versatility of these shelves are what truly allow them to shine. Floating shelves conceal the mounting equipment, which gives them the appearance of floating in the air. These shelves are perfect for displaying knickknacks and photos.

With floating shelves, you can use a variety of materials to create the perfect look. Oak shelves will give your floating shelves a more sophisticated look compared to plywood.

2. Shelves for Books

When it comes to bookshelves, you don’t have to limit yourself to only storing books.

If you decorate your bookshelf with some beautiful pieces of decor like vases and display your books in an aesthetically pleasing way, your shelves won’t just act as storage space. They will be a display case. 

3. Corner Shelves

The corners of your home are usually dead space. It isn’t big enough to put furniture in, and paintings look awkward if you put them in a corner.

This is where corner shelves come in. These shelves are the perfect way to utilize this dead space while also serving a purpose.

4. Freestanding Shelves

Shelves don’t need to be mounted to walls. You can use a freestanding shelf as a feature piece or simply in an area where mounted shelves won’t work.

Freestanding shelves are great if you’re renting your space, since you won’t have to deal with covering up any holes if you move.

5. A Patterned Backdrop

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your current shelves, then you should consider adding a patterned backdrop. This will give your shelves a pop of color and make them stand out.

You can use patterned wallpaper or paint it yourself if you’re feeling exceptionally creative. Painting them also allows you to create any pattern, compared to the possibly limited options of wallpaper near you.

Shelving Ideas Made Easy

With these shelving ideas, you should be able to add more function and character to your home while still staying true to your aesthetic. Stylish shelving can go a long way to elevate a room while also creating more storage space, and you simply need to remember the look is just as important as the function.

So go ahead and start adding shelves to your home today.

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