Gardens are wonderful and to have the chance to plant and tend to your own garden is a real privilege. If you have a yard, the time and money to grow your own garden, then you are going to have a ton of fun.

When you start a garden, it’s a clean slate. You can do whatever you’d like and you can get as creative as you’d like to make something that you love. My advice is to create something that shows off your personality, is unique, excites you, and allows you to do whatever you want with you garden.

Here’s some tips from us on creating a unique, quality garden at home, as well as from some friends we have who are experienced in gardening.

(1) Plant a variety of things

Don’t feel restricted to planting certain things or listening to whatever else has to say about what you should plant. Have some fun with it, do your research on what could live together in a garden, and what would help you create a beautiful forest of plants.

(2) Go after a theme

I love seeing gardens that are based off a theme and follow a specific trend. For example, you could find a variety of garden gnomes and pepper them throughout your garden to build a little ‘Gnome Village’ in your garden. Or you can even create a garden based off popular pop culture trends like Harry Potter, Game Of Thrones, Sons Of Anarchy, or something like that.

This will really allow you to put a sparkle in your garden, create something that is totally unique and be a conversation starter!

(3) “Use leftover items from your home”

Brendon White of District Drain Solutions has seen some pretty unique creations over the years with his work in plumbing.

“I’ve had quite a few people ask us to keep their bathtub or toilets so they can use them in their garden. I’ve actually seen it done where they take these leftover appliances and plant things inside of them. It’s actually quite smart and is totally unique. Why throw something out when you can re-use them for something like a garden. I liked it!”

(4) Become a carpenter and build items for it

Some of the nicest gardens I’ve ever seen have some sort of woodworking that goes along with them. I love seeing raised gardens in a homemade box, or a garden with a beautiful wood wall accenting from behind it. This back wall allows you to add some color, decorative items, and you can change the look whenever you’d like.

You can even create some items for inside the garden, like small birdfeeders, shelters, and more.

(5) “Research and trial-&-error.”

Daniel Carruthers is the Director of Cultivar Greenhouses and is a qualified expert on the topic.

“The best gardeners invest themselves in their garden outside of the actual work. We live in a wonderful world where research is so easy to find and can be accessible to anyone. Invest yourself in learning online and in books along with experimenting on your garden. You’ll learn so much through each of these processes and they both can help you become the best, most effective gardener you can be.

“Just have fun with it, but trust the process and get excited about an improvement of results that you see!”

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