Did you know that about 85 million families in the United States own a pet?

Pets are more than just pets; they’re important members of the family. When a member of the family passes away, it’s tough for the entire family. One way people grieve is by planning a pet funeral to say goodbye to their pets.

Read on to learn about these important tips when planning a pet funeral.

1. Choose the Location

The first thing you need to decide when hosting a pet funeral is where you want to host your pet’s funeral.

Depending on what you want to do with your pet’s remains, you will have several options. If you want to bury your pet, you can get a quote from pet cemeteries.

Some people choose to bury them at home, while others decide to get them cremated.

2. Make a Guest List

Creating a list for your pet’s funeral will depend on how many people knew your pet. Was your pet popular in the neighborhood? Older dogs tend to make a lot more friends along the way.

Perhaps you had a service pet that touched the lives of many people. If your pet was sick, you might choose to invite their veterinarian to the service.

3. Pet Funeral Details

When planning a pet funeral, there are a few details that you need to finalize, such as how to handle your pet’s remains. You usually have the choice of burying your pet and creating your pet.

Those who want to bury their pet can either choose a cemetery or their back yard. If you choose the back yard, you can do it with no problem if you own your property.

Before you proceed with a home burial, you should check with your city ordinances to ensure this is allowed. However, keep in mind it can get really complicated if your pet was euthanized because the chemicals can contaminate the water source. You also want to avoid hitting utility lines.

To avoid any complicated pet burial, many people decide to cremate their pets, which can be arranged with the help of your vet’s office.

4. Write a Speech

During the funeral, as the host, you might want to say a few words to thank everyone for coming and say a few things about your pet.

Depending on your spiritual or religious beliefs, you can choose to say a prayer, read a poem, or even dedicate a song to your departed pet.

5. Allow Others to Share Stories

If you invite several people to the funeral, you should also allow them to share stories about your pet. They can talk about all of the good moments they had together, how they met or even their favorite moments of mischief.

Are You Ready to Say Goodbye to Your Pet?

Now that you know more about the basics of planning a pet funeral, you’re ready to give your pet the goodbye they deserve.

To ensure you give your pet a dignified funeral, start by deciding the location, make a guest list, sort out the last details, and prepare a speech.

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