Are you searching for the biggest interior design trends of 2022?

For a long time, interior designing has been commonly used as a form to seek out inner peace. If your home feels drowsy or let down, it’s time to give it a revamp. 

Find inspiration from these interior design trends. 

Shades of Brown

This trend began within the fashion industry and now is making its way into home design. Previously, many interior design trends have been all about color. This swap to neutral tones is a calming change.

This use of solid and natural color helps ground your home. Comfort and certainty is something everyone is looking for nowadays. In addition to this, the color brown is classy and will take your home to the next step.


Accompanying the shades of brown, bringing the outdoors in will be one of the interior design trends that take over in 2022. Houseplants have been a massive trend for many years but the look of natural wood and tables made out of logs are growing in popularity.

After years stuck inside, people want to bring the outside in. The addition of marble tops and mushroom silhouettes is going to become more common in home design.

Vintage and Sustainable

Another trend that has grown within fashion is vintage and sustainable products. By using vintage products within your home it will allow the rooms to tell a more detailed story. Repurposing furniture into something new not only enhances your home but enhances the planet.

Curved Furniture

The change in furniture silhouettes doesn’t happen often. However, when it does it can have such an impact on your home.

Curves are seen subconsciously as safe and calming. The welcoming feeling from this furniture style will make your space feel more homely.

There are many ways you can incorporate curves into your home. From delicate looking curved tables made out of glass and lampshades that curve inward.


Combining both Japanese and Scandinavian, Japandi is one major interior design trend that will be seen in 2022. The combined aesthetic calls for a sleek and minimal home design, But don’t let that fool you. the absence of clutter peacefully captures the attention of anyone who walks into a Japandi style home.

To incorporate the nature trend that is growing in 2022, consider bamboo. The plant has a calming effect on any area so if you are searching for a haven as a home, Japandi is the interior design trend for you.

Be Savvy on Interior Design Trends

Trends come and go so it’s important to not break the bank. Many of these trends can be achieved with a new coat of paint or to make it renter-friendly, some new pillows and a houseplant. Everyone has different budgets and abilities so you must make these trends work for you and your home.

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