Americans spend 53 hours on manual labor around the house and yard each month. About 32 hours are dedicated to the lawn alone. That’s time you could spend with friends and family members instead!

Instead of wasting valuable time, use these landscaping tips to turn your lawn into an oasis. With these tips, you can boost curb appeal and your home’s value in no time.

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1. Pull Weeds

If you want to maintain a beautiful lawn throughout the year, start with one of the basics: pulling out weeds. Keep an eye out for dandelions around your lawn. Try to snap their flower stems before they can produce seeds and spread.

You can also remove weeds by digging them out by the roots.

Then, spray your lawn using a post-emergent herbicide to keep new weeds at bay. Consider harvesting the weeds for dandelion greens for a non-chemical option.

2. Buy a New Lawnmower

If you want to improve your home landscaping, buy a new lawn mower. Make sure to schedule routine maintenance for your mower every year. Otherwise, it might not function properly after sitting in your garage all winter long. 

3. Start Fertilizing

To prepare your lawn for spring, start fertilizing. Purchase a mulching mower and compost to fertilize organically.

Use lighter feeding during the spring, but a heavier option during the fall. 

4. Lime Soil

Determine your lawn’s acidity before liming the soil. Use a fertilizer spreader to apply lime throughout your yard.

Make sure your soil isn’t too alkaline, which can cause new problems.

During this step, check for compaction as well. If your lawn is accustomed to food traffic, the soil can get compacted over time. Consider trying lawn aeration using a rented lawn aerator.

You can also call for help from your local lawn experts. Outsourcing can ensure your lawn looks lively throughout the year. If your grass is starting to look dry and discolored, ask them how to get green grass as well.

A little help can go a long way in ensuring your lawn looks its best! 

5. Hire Professionals

You don’t have to use these home landscaping tips alone. Instead, boost curb appeal by hiring a professional landscaping company. Hiring professional landscapers can save you valuable time and stress.

You can leverage their expertise to ensure your beautiful lawn looks like an oasis. 

You can find expert plant and lawn maintenance services here to get started. Their expert team will keep your landscaping green and alluring year-round.

Beautiful Oasis: Use These Landscaping Tips Today

Don’t let your lawn look dry and drab. Instead, start caring for a lawn using these landscaping tips. Remember, you can always request expert lawn and plant care services to save time and money.

Improving your lawn will boost your curb appeal and home’s value. Get started with these tips today.

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