In the U.S, there are around 66,500 registered French bulldogs, which shows how popular this breed is. 

Frenchies have our hearts as they look adorable, have a loving personality, and are easy to care for compared to other breeds. But there are other lesser-known advantages of raising a French bulldog. Perhaps you’ve fallen in love with these critters, but you’re not sure whether they’re worth your time. 

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five benefits of owning a French bulldog. 

1. Affectionate 

A major reason you should Google “French bulldog for sale” is because this breed is affectionate. This is important if you want the new puppy to cuddle and shower with TLC. And, you can return their love by dressing them in cute outfits.

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2. Great With Kids And Elders

Pet lovers who want a new dog should get a Frenchie as they’re fantastic with kids and seniors.

You needn’t worry about attacks or any accidents because this breed has a gentle nature. Plus, French bulldogs don’t like being alone, which makes them awesome companions with little ones. And, if you live with senior relatives, know that French bulldogs need little exercise compared to bigger breeds. 

Further, French bulldogs are a fantastic form of entertainment, thanks to their funny expressions and sweet disposition.  

3. Easy To Groom 

Another advantage of getting a French bulldog puppy is that they’re easy to groom. This is because Frenchies have a single, short coat and don’t need regular hair cuts compared to other breeds. Simply brush their fur every day with a brush and you’re good to go! 

4. Great Apartment Dogs

Apartment dwellers should buy a French bulldog as they are quiet and don’t need much space. Because of this, if you own a Frenchie, you won’t ever worry about upsetting your neighbors. But because exercise is crucial, simply throw a ball at home or go outside for a 10-minute walk every day. 

Further, Frenchies are famous for sleeping a lot, which is great if you’re busy or prefer a quiet household. Make sure you treat your pup to a comfy couch and your furry friend is set! 

5. Rarely Bark 

Terriers and Schnauzers are notorious for yapping, which can get infuriating after an extended period. But when you get a French bulldog, you’ll notice they barely make a noise. And when they do, it’s because your Frenchie has detected a potential problem, making them great pocket-sized guard dogs. 

Get A French Bulldog Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll get a French bulldog for your family.

Frenchies are a great breed because they are affectionate, easy to groom, and make an incredible companion for apartment dwellers. You should also consider getting a French bulldog if you have kids as their entertaining and friendly pups. What’s not to love?

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