Dogs bring joy to our homes. They snuggle with us, encourage us to exercise, and make us smile. 

But inevitably, one day you return to work and the odor hits you like a puff of fur. Oh no, my home smells like a dog!

You can find products to help with dog odors at most pet stores. However, not all pet odor removal products are safe for Fido. Let’s look at 5 ways to safely get rid of pet odors.

1. Wash Fido’s Favorite Blankets

If you’re wondering how to get rid of a wet dog smell, start with your pet’s favorite blankets. This includes his bedding and any linens that your dog uses. 

Blankets and dog beds can absorb smells and pass them back to Fido when he lays on them. Frequent trips to the washing machine work for blankets and linens. For a hard-to-wash dog bed, try a pet-safe cleaning spray.

2. Clean the Floors

The floors in your home can harbor some of that signature stink from your wet dog. Carpet absorbs smells as well as fur and dirt particles from your pet. Regular vacuuming helps keep your carpet from smelling like a wet dog.

Vinyl floors and uncarpeted spaces tend to be easier to clean but can pick up Fido’s scent. Soap and water should help get rid of that odor.

3. Give Rover a Bath

Pet smells in home furniture come from Rover rubbing his body all over your nice, soft couch. Wet dog smell remover products may not work on your furniture. Some products will damage upholstery materials, too.

In this case, prevention through a bath can help save your furniture.

Regular bathing helps get the bacteria and yeast from outdoor walks out of your dog’s fur. This helps make sure he doesn’t leave his scent on your couch.

4. Add in Some Scents

Another option is to add scents to your lifestyle. Scents don’t just cover up a wet dog smell, they help create a nice ambiance that turns your home into a relaxing and welcoming environment.

Some scented products can make dogs sick, so it’s important to know what’s safe and what isn’t. This article from can help you understand how to safely use essential oils around your pets.

5. Air Out the Dog Odors

What do you do when you burn popcorn or fish in the kitchen? One option is to open the windows and air out your home. If your furry friend has made your home particularly fragrant, allowing some fresh air in can help reduce the smell.

Remember to keep your pets safe by only opening screened windows and doors. Enlist the help of a baby gate if necessary.

Make Your Home Smell Fresh Again

Funny smells are a part of pet ownership. Careful cleaning and the safe use of scents can help eliminate dog odors in your home for good. Use these tips today and help make your home smell pleasant again.

Looking for more advice on making your home Fido-friendly? Check out our Pets section.

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