With nearly 10 quintillion insects roaming the planet, these critters make up most of the biomass on Earth. Due to their large numbers and small size, they often end up inside people’s homes.

Once inside, they can quickly reproduce, creating a large infestation. This increases the risk of damage to the home and health issues for your family.

Early detection can help you take care of the problem before it gets too big. Read on to learn how to notice the five signs that you’ve got bugs in the house.

1. Bugs

If you see bugs in your home, dead or alive, go on high alert. Living insects can indicate a big problem.

Do not panic over one house fly or a spider. Flies often sneak in for food during the summer and spiders set up webs, especially in the wintertime. 

In fact, any insect can wander in on its own. But when you see more than one, start looking for other signs of infestation. 

2. Stains and Droppings

As bugs and pests crawl around, they leave behind small trails. They tend to follow the same paths to food and water.

So you will notice these trails when they infest your home. You may see tiny brown pellets from termites, red streaks from cockroaches, or black spots and dark streaks from bed bugs. Crumb trails may indicate the need for ant control.

You might mindlessly wipe up these tiny trails without paying much thought to where they came from. But if you consistently see them, you should call an exterminator.

3. Strange Noises

What’s that sound? Listen harder if you notice strange noises in your home. 

It could indicate an infestation that needs immediate attention. Termites and carpenter ants make rustling and clicking noises.

With a roach infestation, you will hear chirping and hissing sounds. Anytime you hear something moving in the walls, you should pay close attention.

4. Something Stinks

If you keep your home clean, then it should generally not smell bad. Foul odors that do not go away should raise cause for concern.

Our nose offers a warning system that something is not right. Many insects leave bad smells behind from chemicals in their body.

For instance, stink bugs leave behind a wide range of scents. Bed bugs also leave a sickeningly sweet odor behind.

5. Damage

One of the worst signs of bugs is the damage their infestation leaves behind. These critters can do a number on your home.

Termites and carpenter ants break down the infrastructure of wooden beams and furniture. You may see saw dust early on and actual breakage if you don’t catch it until later.

In the kitchen, you may lose food from bugs getting into it. Holes in packaging, take away the freshness. Dead critters and droppings left in food make it unsanitary to eat.

Pests may damage your health as well. They may leave bite marks and cause infections or other illnesses.

Take Bugs In the House Seriously

If you find signs of bugs in the house, act right away. These pests can cause expensive problems and health issues. Letting an infestation go too long may lead to irreversible damage.

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