From blogs and articles to podcasts and videos, content creators today can express themselves in many different ways. There are also numerous different platforms they can use to post their content. This enables them to build up followers and make good revenue from their content. Followers are more than willing to pay for content that is inspiring, informational or enlightening to them in some way. Here are five ways to add revenue for content creators. 

1. Sell merchandise

One of the streams of revenue for content creators is to sell merchandise. You can make more money from merchandise than you can from advertising. If you partner with a reputable print-on-demand company, you don’t need to keep inventory or worry about overstocking. All you need to do is choose an item like a t-shirt, mug, hoodie or phone case and add your design to it. Put it on your website or in your Etsy shop, and when a customer places an order, the company will print the items, package them and ship them for you. 

2. Turn on AdSense on your social media accounts

AdSense allows you to make money off ads. They will appear before, during or after the video content you create. It’s a great way to earn some passive income from your content. As long as you meet certain eligibility requirements, you can turn on AdSense on most social media accounts, such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. 

AdSense may not generate a high rate of return, but it can add to your other revenue streams. Your ad revenue will depend on how much traffic you get and the cut the platform takes. This means having proper SEO and a good backlink portfolio is essential. This is because AdSense uses a cost per click and cost per thousand impressions to determine ad revenue. 

3. Monetize your live streams

If live streaming is part of your content offerings, you can monetize it by making the live stream shoppable. You can link your merchandise or affiliate offerings to it. Another way to bring in revenue is to enable live tipping from loyal viewers. Live streaming platforms such as Amazon and YouTube allow you to link and sell products. 

Your fans can also purchase items like stickers, paid comments, and tips to reward you for your content. On YouTube, you can keep 70% of your profits, and it takes a 30% cut. If you have a large, engaged following that constantly tunes in to your live streams, you can supplement your other revenue streams this way. 

4. Sell information products and courses

If you create educational content, it can be a great way to earn money. People are always looking for useful information online. For example, you can use your expertise in a specific area to create an eBook and sell it to your followers. 

Many content creators create online courses to sell to their followers. They may teach them how to start a blog, ways to monetize it etc. Marketers may create courses on the best ways to market in 2022. Consumers are willing to pay for educational content from experts they trust. They know from the content that you create for free that you have expert knowledge that can help them.

5. Become a content consultant

If you want to offer your expertise but you don’t want to create courses, you can offer your services as a content consultant. Your followers will appreciate being able to learn from you on a one-to-one basis. You may be able to arrange Zoom consulting calls with business owners. You can discuss content strategies with them and help them while at the same time creating a good income stream. You will need various skills, such as communication and digital marketing skills, to be a good content consultant. This is necessary so you can come up with the type of strategies that connect a brand with its audience. 


The above five ways to monetize your content can help you add to your revenue. You may decide to sell your own merchandise, turn on AdSense, and monetize your live stream. You also have many other options, such as creating courses or becoming a content consultant. With all the streams of income you can create, you have a good opportunity to make a living from content creation. 

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