Your home’s windows are the backbone of your home’s structure and design. It’s critical for you to invest in installing new windows for your home. But you also need to consider how you’re going to install them to ensure that the job is smooth.

To do this well, you need to know about the most common windows installation errors and how to avoid them. Here are some of the most common window installation errors to avoid.

1. Improperly Measuring the Window Opening

One of the most common installation errors is the improper measuring of the window opening. This also includes not measuring the thickness of the frame. This can result in the window being too small or too large for the opening, which can affect the overall design.

You can avoid this by carefully measuring the window opening and taking into account all the factors that affect the window’s fit. With proper measuring, you can ensure that your window will be installed correctly and will function properly.

2. Not Level or Squared

A common window installation error is not leveling or squaring your window. This can cause the window to be installed incorrectly and not function properly.

To avoid this issue, make sure the window is level and squared before you begin the installation. Next, use a level and square when installing the window. Finally, shim the window if necessary to level and square it.

3. Flashing Not Installed Well

One of the most common window installation errors is poor flashing. Flashing is the process of installing a water-resistant barrier around a window to prevent moisture damage.

In order to flash a window properly, you must install it high enough so that water will run off of the sides of the window instead of pooling around it. You must also use a high-quality, water-resistant sealant.

4. Difficulty Removing the Old Window

One of the most common window installation errors is difficulty in removing the old window. This can be caused by a number of factors, including incorrect measurements, incorrect frame size, and improper installation.

To avoid this error, before replacing old windows sure to take accurate measurements of them carefully. This can be done by properly using a tape measure and ideally done by two people in case the window is tall or long.

5. Nailing Fins Not Sealed

One of the most common window installation errors is failing to seal the nailing fins. This can cause a number of problems, including water infiltration and air leakage. When the nailing fins are not properly sealed, it creates a gap that allows water and air to pass through.

This can lead to water damage and drafts, both of which can be expensive to repair. To avoid this mistake, be sure to caulk or seal the nailing fins before installing the window.

6. Not Following Instructions

One of the most common window installation errors is not following the instructions from the manufacturer. This can lead to a number of problems, including improper fit, leaks, and drafts.

Take the time to read through the instructions. If you’re not sure about something, ask a professional for help. You can always call the manufacturer of the window, like US Window & Door.

Avoiding Common Window Installation Errors Like a Pro

If you’re planning to install new windows in your home, avoid these common window installation errors. These can cause serious problems and can then lead to severe headaches and a lot of money down the drain.

Knowing about these can help you avoid them or fix them. So, be one step ahead!

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