Did you know that for 98% of Americans cooking at home is still the preferred way to prepare a meal? It might seem that Americans don’t like to cook from all the billions spent on takeouts and home delivery. But that’s far from the truth.

The problem usually is that most people don’t have a culinary-friendly kitchen, that is, one that entices them and allows them to cook with flair and freedom. That’s why we’ve written this article with some useful kitchen makeover ideas. Apply these kitchen tips so you will never want to order takeout again.  

1. Add a Second Sink to Your Kitchen Island

You may already have a big kitchen sink to take care of all those messy dishes since the more you cook; the more those dishes pile up. But a great addition to your culinary kitchen is to add a second sink to your kitchen island. This way, you will have additional space to prepare your food, wash fruits and vegetables, and more (especially when your main sink is full of dishes).

2. A Double Oven Is Where It’s At

When you are holding dinner parties of 25 or more, you will want to have a double oven to assist you in baking several dishes at once. This also lets you keep your dishes warm while waiting for all those stragglers. 

3. Get a Griddle Option on Your Stove

If you are looking to cook healthy options for your family without too much oils and fats, then adding and using a griddle option on your stove is the way to do it. A quick spray of olive oil, and you are ready to griddle up some burgers, steaks, or anything else your heart desires. 

4. Pull Out Microwaves Save Space

Any small kitchen makeover ideas list will include this one – a pull-out microwave. Rather than taking up precious countertop space, you can attach a microwave to your gas hob. This way, you will have lots of space for food prep.

5. More Cabinet And Pantry Space

A culinary chef like you can never have enough cabinet and pantry space. That’s why you will want to build lots of upper and lower cabinets and also add in some open shelving as well. Looking for some wooden cabinet options? – find us here. 

6. Knife Strip for the Win

Do you have lots of expensive knives that you are dumping into a drawer after use? That’s a sure-fire way of dulling their blade and ruining the integrity of the knife blade. Install a knife strip to prevent this from happening.

Kitchen Makeover Ideas To Help You Love Your Kitchen Again

Once you apply the kitchen makeover ideas mentioned above, you are going to love your kitchen so much that you will want to spend all your free time cooking up a storm. Get ready to save oodles of money on takeout and delivery.

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