DIY projects are all the rage in 2023. People love to make their own furniture, room improvements, and much more. If your company wants to attract customers who love to do DIY projects, you need to give them promo products that will help them with their dream tasks. Here are six promo products that DIY-obsessed customers will absolutely love:

1. Tape Measures

DIY-loving people need tools to help their projects come to fruition. Few tools are as widely used in DIY projects as tape measures. For this reason, you can get a lot of bang for your marketing buck by investing in quality, branded tape measures in bulk. When you buy in bulk, you’ll save a ton of money. You’ll give your customers the gift of precise measurement, and you’ll help them avoid spending a ridiculous amount of money on a tape measure in a store, where the tape measure is only expensive because of the brand on it. Every time your customers use their free tape measures, they’ll thank your business for helping them achieve their DIY project dreams.

2. Key Rings

There are tons of fantastic uses for key rings. From keeping all your core keys and tools in one place to helping you stay organized with other objects, key rings will help any DIY space stay organized. The fact that key rings will prevent you from finding yourself out of luck, and without the keys you need in a stressful situation, makes us feel more connected to our key rings. If the key ring a customer is using has your brand on it, they will start associating your brand with a sense of order and satisfaction. By keeping your customers’ day-to-day errands and DIY operations nice and orderly, you will significantly boost your brand’s reputation in their minds. The fact that key rings are an affordable promo option makes them that much more attractive.

3. Multi-Tools

Along with tape measures, branding multi-tools that you can give out to your consumer base is great for any company looking to attract DIY-loving customers. There’s a simplicity to using multi-tools for small projects that makes them incredibly satisfying to use. These tools can be a bit tricky to brand, but if you design your branding on them correctly, they will serve your company well. Many companies that produce bulk orders of promo products will help you design your product to include your brand (and company info) in a seamless, attractive, and effective fashion. So even if you do not have a strong design eye yourself, you can have a professional do the groundwork for you.

4. Mini Coolers

When you’re doing a huge DIY project, you need a nice break now and then to hydrate or relax. By handing out branded mini-coolers, you’re making your brand connected to your DIY-loving customers’ breaks. Whether they are having a cold beer or a nice bottle of water, they will thank you for helping to keep their refreshments cold. If they love to explore the wilderness, the compact size of a mini cooler will make them feel that much more excited about the free, branded promotional product that you’ve given them. There are endless uses for mini coolers, so they remain a top-tier promotional product that can boost your brand.

5. Sticky Notes

If you love to do DIY projects, you’re likely to have new project ideas jump into your mind at a moment’s notice. To help your customers keep track of their awesome ideas, you can gift them a branded pad of sticky notes. When we write down things physically, they gain more importance and power. Your customers will feel more inspired to follow through on their DIY ideas if they use your branded notepad to keep the idea around. This connection will help you become more valuable and beloved in the customer’s heart, so using branded sticky notes is always a great idea for a company’s promotional marketing campaign.

6. Calculators

To make your DIY project effective, you’ll likely need to do math now and then. You can now buy high-quality, multi-functional calculators for cheap from many promo product manufacturers. Give your customers the gift of precise math and equations with a branded calculator in 2023. Doing so will ensure you feel classy and intelligent as a company. This will do wonders for your brand and will ensure that you’re attracting customers that are math (and finance) conscious as well. The combination of a multi-tool (or tape measure) and a calculator will give your customers the base tools they need to make any quality DIY project come to life.

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