Did you know that a kitchen renovation with minor changes costs a whopping $26,214 in 2021?

Before you fall off your chair, don’t worry. That’s an average cost, meaning that many renos cost considerably less. But the lesson is clear – do it once, do it right!

Getting it right requires careful planning. What are some essential items that you need to have in any kitchen remodel in 2022? Let’s take a look at the 7 great ideas for luxury kitchen design inspiration.

1. Kitchen Island

It seems to be almost universally agreed that every modern kitchen renovation needs a kitchen island. If you haven’t got one, try to find a way to include one in your kitchen design and you’ll never regret it.

An island can be a food preparation station, somewhere to give the kids breakfast, or even have an integrated cooktop. They also add lots of extra storage space and allow for great flow around your kitchen. If you currently have an awkward layout, they can help you to achieve the crucial working triangle between the fridge, cooktop, and sink.

You’ll soon find that family life starts to center around your kitchen island.

2. Awesome Lighting

Good lighting is crucial in the kitchen so that you can safely prepare food. Make sure that your counters are well lit. Under-cabinet lighting makes a great addition that sheds a lot of light on whatever you’re doing.

Eating areas need plenty of light too. Think of pendant lights over the island or the dining area. They can be a dramatic feature and allow you to add a pop of color or retro styling to your kitchen.

3. Louvered Doors

Would you like to give a chic cafe vibe to your kitchen? Louvered doors are a great option. Not everyone is the biggest fan of open plans and louvered doors allow a little, but not total, separation between rooms.

They’re a great way to put a light barrier between the kitchen and dining nook. They still allow you to move easily between the two while carrying hot plates of food! Their design also allows for plenty of natural ventilation.

They’re also a great choice for cupboard doors. They can be painted in a wide range of colors to suit your decor. Check out the louvered doors ultimate guide for more inspiration and reasons why they’re a great addition.

4. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves can divide people. Some love the aesthetic – and that’s why we’re encouraging you to get them. They make your serving ware look beautiful, and they’re a great place to put cute salt and pepper grinders.

They also allow the light to flow through the kitchen. A huge bank of wall cabinets might seem super useful, but they can be really dark and oppressive. By contrast, a few long, floating shelves or even open shelves with beautiful brackets can accentuate that open vibe.

Worried about dust? It’s true, they do need a little more work. But it doesn’t really take long to give them a quick wipe.

Let’s face it, the insides of our cupboards get dusty too, they’re just easier to hide away! This aesthetic can work wonders in many sizes and styles of kitchens, so think about including it in your renovation project.

5. Deep Drawers

Cupboards might seem like the ultimate storage solution. But honestly, do you know what’s in the back of all your cupboards?

Deep drawers are a much better way to access everything you’ve got hiding away. They’re a great way to use all the space, and they’ll stop things from being forgotten about. This is great for your budget because you won’t spend money again buying what you already have!

They’re the perfect solution for under-counter storage. None of us likes getting down on our knees and rummaging around in the back of low cupboards. Once you’ve installed them, you’ll wonder how you managed all this time without them!

If you like your cabinets the way they are or just don’t have the space for deep drawers, maybe you should consider a dumbwaiter lift. A dumbwaiter lift lets you keep your stored items out of the kitchen completely. You can have a walk-in pantry in the basement and simply load your lift up with the day’s supplies, and voila, it is in the kitchen. If you are unfamiliar with dumbwaiter lifts, check out goods lift UK to learn more about them.

6. Boiling/Filtered Water Tap

A boiling water tap is a great thing to include in your kitchen design if you cook a lot of boiled vegetables and pasta. No need to boil a tea kettle or a pan of water (it takes 10-15 minutes to boil about 4 cups of water on a gas or electric stove).

But as well as boiling water, lots of these taps come with other cool functions. One of the best is the ability to dispense chilled, filtered water on demand. Some can even dispense fizzy water.

This means that you can reduce your use of single-use plastics. Keep a few reusable bottles around the kitchen so you can take freshly filtered water on the go. They can also be seamlessly blended into your kitchen decor.

7. Pet Feeding Area

Does your kitchen currently have a couple of bowls in the corner to feed your pets? Or even worse, do you find that they get under your feet and kicked about, spreading gross food everywhere?

Why not create a purpose-built pet feeding area as part of your kitchen design? We’re talking about a small, built-in cupboard that pulls down, revealing a couple of inserts for pet bowls. You can then hide this area away while the bowls are in the dishwasher and it’s not in use.

You’ll free up space elsewhere in the kitchen and keep your furry friends at the heart of your design.

Make Your Kitchen Renovation Really Pop

A kitchen renovation is one of the most exciting projects you can undertake. The kitchen is the heart of the home, so make it a place people want to gather. With a cool island, great lighting, and lots of amenities, you’ll have a kitchen you’ll long to cook in every day of the week.

Head over to our Home Life section for more helpful hints and tips today!

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