The global pest control service market was valued at $19.7 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.5% from 2020 to 2027. Have you been worrying about bed bugs moving onto your property?

Too many people in the United States have been finding little patches of red on their skin that keep returning. In any house, bed bugs may be a genuine inconvenience. They bite and leave red, raised lumps on the skin. 

Knowing how to prevent bed bugs may enhance both the condition of your home and your health. Yet, their presence in your home may increase your insurance costs. As a result, it’s crucial to install bed bug preventive measures to eradicate them from your house.

Continue reading to find out how to keep bed bugs out of your house.

1. When You Go Home, Put Your Clothes in a Bag

One way to prevent bed bugs from entering your home is to make sure you put your clothes in a bag when you come home. You could put your clothes into a tightly sealed bag and leave it outside your home until you are able to properly inspect them and wash them.

Bed bugs tend to be attracted to people, so by not bringing your clothes inside your home; you can avoid any chance of them entering the clothes. It is also important to inspect places you may have been to make sure there are no bed bugs crawling on you, such as public transportation, hotels, and other public areas.

When it’s time to do the laundry, throw the entire bag into the washing machine. They will perish as a result of the water and heat. The same is true for jackets and luggage. Place these in a sealed plastic bag near the door, and take them out when it’s time to go to work.

2. Use Bed Bug Repellent Sprays to Keep Them at Bay

Clinical research has shown that bed bugs should stay away from things. Desiccants, solvents, chemical insecticides, and more varieties are available. “Home remedy”-style treatments are open for you to use, even though earlier types.

The idea is to spray your car, coat, or bag with these substances to stop bed bugs from being attracted to them. Go to somebody’s house and know they have bed bugs, or you have to use or ride along in their car.

Ideally, you would want to avoid these situations together, but that’s not always possible, so if you have to, use a spray.

3. Kill Bed Bugs Using Lures

Except for eliminating them, there is no other way to prevent bed bugs from biting you at night than by using bait. While some traps use carbon dioxide, others combine two or all three to entice bed bugs inside. Once inside, the bed bugs are often drowned in a small water basin.

The interior of the lure’s sides is smooth and impassable. The bed bug will soak overnight.

4. Use Bed Bug Traps

You do not need a costly lure. Plastic traps are effective in killing a large number of bed bugs. They function as lures without a trap. The bed bug tries to crawl up the legs of your bed but is stopped by something—the lure.

They can climb the cover but not the interior, which is slick and wet. They drown rapidly because they are unable to swim. You can also buy or use non-water traps, although they aren’t as effective.

5.  Use a Mattress Encasement

Mattress encasements are large plastic covers that wrap around a mattress or box spring. For various reasons, the mattress is the most popular site for bed bugs to hide. Yet, a mattress encasement prevents them from getting to you.

It resembles a zippered sealed bag. There is no way for the bed bugs to escape once you zip it up. Additionally, they lack teeth to bite you through the plastic or chew through it to run.

They are hermetically sealed in every way. A mattress encasement also prevents new infestations from hiding in your bedding, which is the finest part. In other words, even if you did manage to bring a few bed bugs home, they wouldn’t be able to hide there.

6. Prevent Touching Bed Bugs Physically

Before the infection spreads further, it’s either you, a friend, or a family member who already has them and is introducing them. It’s advisable to avoid coming into contact with someone who has bed bugs.

The best action is to prevent them from visiting your home until they can get rid of them.

7. Fill up the Wall Craters

Fill up any visible cracks in the wall or baseboard. Bed bugs can move between apartments through the walls. You can prevent them from even approaching you by plugging any openings.

Once your bed bug treatment is finished, this will prevent the bed bugs from returning or fleeing into the wall. Bed bugs are even content to reside “full time” inside wall cracks as long as they can feed on you while you sleep at night. 

It is advised to use a professional service, and you may review pest control mistakes to avoid them. 

Essential Home Maintenance to Prevent Bed Bugs

The most important way to prevent bed bugs from entering your home is to keep it clean and organized. Do your utmost to keep bed bugs out of your home and sleep peacefully.

Invest in the necessary preventative measures now to ensure a pest-control home.

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