What if you could drastically improve the look of your home with the simplest of tasks?

A big part of improving your home’s exterior is through landscaping and the care you give your lawn. However, this doesn’t mean that all you need to do is water it, let it grow, and call it a day.

From watering techniques to maintaining your soil, keeping your lawn healthy and looking great can be easier than you’d think. That’s why we’ve created this beginner’s guide to lawn care.

Sound good? Then let’s get started!

Know Your Soil

The first step to proper lawn care is getting to know your soil. Different soil types require specific maintenance strategies to help your lawn remain healthy. In sandy soil, water is more easily absorbed and nutrients are not retained as well.

Heavy clay soil can retain more water and nutrients but can be more difficult to dig into. An evaluation of your soil pH will also determine the types of grasses, weeds, and other plants that will grow well in your lawn.

Proper care and maintenance of your soil will also give you an idea of when and how much fertilizer to apply appropriately. Knowing your soil type, type of lawn and pH will all help to give you a healthy lawn on the block!

Seed Properly

Proper lawn care starts with properly seeding your lawn. To properly seed a lawn, the right variety of grass seeds should be chosen for the growing environment. Ground preparation is important for a healthy lawn – it should be treated for weeds and free of debris, and soil should be loosened for good seed-to-soil contact.

It is recommended to water the ground before seeding and use a seed spreader to distribute the seed evenly. After spreading the seed, it should be covered with a thin layer of soil and then raked lightly. During and after the seeding period, the ground should be constantly kept moist but not over-saturated with water.

Hire Sod Installation Services

Having a well-manicured law can seem intimidating for those just getting started. It is important to begin by hiring sod installation services for the most successful result. Sod installation services will make sure the ground is properly prepped and the sod is laid correctly for the best possible outcome.

This will ensure your lawn can establish a strong root system and will be able to thrive. Sod installation services can also guide the best type of sod for the specific:

  • environment
  • proper fertilization
  • recommended watering schedule

Hiring professionals is the first key step in proper lawn care and will guarantee a beautiful, healthy lawn. You can also use artificial grass, to find the best artificial grass just simply google “artificial turf dealer in Murrieta, CA” or whichever city you live in. You can also get the best quality turf from an artificial turf dealer in your area. Now check out some reviews and find the supplier that works for you.

Learn Some Helpful Lawn Care Techniques

It is important to keep up with your lawn care techniques to keep a lush, green lawn and garden. Remember to care for your lawn properly throughout the year and use the appropriate techniques for your area. Start improving your lawn today with these helpful lawn care techniques.

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