Home remodeling projects are a big deal. You’re making huge improvements to your home to improve its value and make it more visually appealing. There’s a reason the remodeling market is a $400 billion industry.

However, doing the job is easier said than done. You have countless choices to make, and decor is one of the hardest.

You have many options for door hinges if you’re thinking of refreshing your doors. Read on below to learn what types of door hinges are available for your project.

Butt Hinge

Butt hinges are one of the most popular types of hinges available. These hinges are heavy-duty and stand the test of time. They’re made up of three parts.

The first two parts are called leaves. One attaches to the door, and the other stays in a fixed position. A knuckle joins the two leaves to allow for the movement of the door.

There are three types of butt hinges you should consider:

  • Ball bearing hinge
  • Lift-joint hinge
  • Rising butt cabinet hinge

Pivot Hinge

Pivot hinges are great if you have overlay doors. These hinges are installed on the top and bottom of the door you’re working on. It allows the door to be opened on both sides and allows the door to pivot from a single point.

You can use both heavy-duty and light doors with this type of hinge. They’re great for in-between rooms like the dining room and living room. On the other hand, people don’t usually install them for rooms like bedrooms.

Spring Hinge

Do you have doors or cabinets you want to open and close on their own? If so, a spring hinge is a great choice.

One use case for spring hinges is for cabinet drawers in the kitchen. Whether by accident or on purpose, many people don’t close kitchen cabinets all the way. The hinge will account for the motion of the end user and bring the drawer to a complete close.

These hinges are also available for doors of all sizes, so they’re great if you want to ensure doors close when you want.

Double-Action Hinge

Double-action hinges are also known as saloon-door hinges. These hinges are good for one thing: letting doors swing in both directions.

You probably won’t install these in most places of your home, but they will be good in some situations.

One of those may be your kitchen. Adding a swinging door that goes both ways can add aesthetic appeal. There are a few other situations where this can be appealing, so consider your needs and where these types of doors make sense.

Check this page with double action hinges to learn more about what they offer.

Now You Know the Different Types of Door Hinges

Making changes to your home is an exciting time. You’re giving your home a fresh look and will make it look like new. But it’s not always easy to find the best product for those changes.

Door hinges are one of those things that are small but play a critical role in a door’s appeal and function. Remember the door hinge options above to inform yourself about your options for your door.

Check out the blog to find more insightful advice that will help you make other changes to your home.

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