Setting off on your next adventure? You’ll want to look your best, but it can be nerve-wracking bringing your most precious possessions along with you. Whether you’re packing your expensive jewellery, important documents, or irreplaceable mementos, it could really throw a spanner in the works if they were to be stolen, damaged, or misplaced.

Keep reading to find out about some hacks to keep your much-loved possessions safe and your adventure holiday on track:

Selection is key

You can’t always guarantee the safety of your possessions when travelling so if there is a way you can avoid bringing them with you then you should. There are certain essentials that you’ll likely have to bring along such as your mobile phone, passport, and wallet but some items you can leave at home.

For example, unless you have a particular purpose for them on your travels, you don’t necessarily need to pack expensive gadgets, tech equipment and jewellery.

Secure packing techniques

Though you may be constantly on the lookout for pickpockets, your valuables can just as easily be damaged during transit. This is a risk that can be avoided when you follow the right travel packing tips.

If you’re bringing your precious jewels and accessories with you, jewellery rolls and padded pouches are ideal for keeping your bits scratch and damage-free. For electronics, custom fit cases will help you transport your devices in one piece.

Travel insurance

For most of us, valuable items like watches and engagement rings are timeless symbols of important milestones in our lives so their safety is of the utmost priority. Though it can’t replace what has been lost, having your valuables insured can help you go a long way to replacing it.

Travel insurance is a safeguarding protection and covers you whether you’re staying in hostels or luxury hotels. While you want to mitigate the risk of loss and theft as much as you can, travel insurance is your last line of defence and entitles you to some compensation.

Carry on items

According to government statistics, around 400,000 UK passports are reported to be lost or stolen every year. The best way to combat the theft, loss, or damage of your valuables is to have them on your person at all times.

This could include documents, identification, medication or any small yet invaluable possessions that you can’t afford to lose.

Transport considerations

From flights and trains to cruises and road trips, each mode of transport comes with its own specific challenges. You’ll need to take the necessary precautions to keep your personal items safe when travelling.

For example, train and bus stations are prime spots for pickpockets and opportunistic thieves so you need to stay aware of your surroundings.

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