According to a survey, nearly 90% of U.S. households used air conditioning in 2020. Over the previous two decades, this number has steadily increased.

AC not cooling is not a problem. Potential issues preventing your AC unit from keeping your home at a comfortable temperature are not that hard to troubleshoot.

Read on to learn more about what you need to check on your AC before hiring repair services.

Thermostat Setting

If your ac is not cooling your house as it should be, there could be a problem with your thermostat setting.

Set your thermostat to “cool,” and the temperature setting should be lower than the current temperature inside your home. 


If your AC isn’t cooling your house like it’s supposed to, the other thing you should do is check the filters.

If they’re dirty, they won’t be able to do their job correctly, and your AC will have to work harder, which uses more energy and might not be able to keep up.

Clean filters also help to prevent ice from forming on the coils, which can lead to expensive repairs.

Duct Works

If your air conditioning not cooling your house, there could be a problem with your ductwork. Leaks or blockages in your ducts can prevent cool air from reaching your rooms, causing your AC to work harder and driving up your energy bills.

You may be able to spot leaks or blockages by inspecting your ductwork for signs of damage or leaks.

Outside Unit

It could be several things if your AC is not cooling your house. One thing to check is your AC’s outside unit. If the team is dirty or obstructed, it won’t work as efficiently. Clean the unit and clear any debris that may be blocking it.

You should also check the unit’s fans to ensure they are working correctly. If the team is running, but there’s still no cool air from the vents, the problem may be low refrigerant levels.

Hot Air Sources

One of the most common reasons for an air conditioner not cooling the house is because there are hot air sources. To fix this, you need to identify and eliminate the sources of hot air. Check for home heat sources, such as lamps, computers, and appliances.

Also, check for heat sources outside the home, such as the sun or a fire. Once you have identified the sources of hot air, you can eliminate them by turning them off, moving them away from the air conditioner, or blocking them with curtains or blinds. 

If your AC ruled potential issues, it is time to look for the best air conditioning repair services to bring your AC back in top shape.

AC Not Cooling the House Should Be Prevented Today

If your home’s AC not cooling the house, there are several things you can check and do to troubleshoot the issue. Check the AC unit’s thermostat to ensure it is appropriately set. You can also check the air filter and clean or replace it if it is dirty.

If those steps don’t resolve the issue, you may need to call a professional AC repair service.

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