Since COVID-19, people have been staying home longer; hence use their spaces more than ever before. Kitchens being the heart of the home, work even harder. These multi-functional spaces are used for meal preparations, cooking, dining, extensions, and even home offices. Kitchen ideas and roles keep evolving. 

Setting out to find a kitchen design may turn out confusing as there are numerous kitchen trends in the market today, thanks to the many design elements available. You will also have to make many decisions, like researching the best appliances, worktops, color, solid wood RTA cabinets, splashbacks, and other details to get your ultimate space.

Whether you know exactly what you want or are still undecided and need some inspiration, here are some amazing kitchen trends you need to check out.

Smart Storage

Storage is crucial in the current kitchen trends in this era, and people are trying to keep spaces organized for overall well-being. With all the activities that have moved to the kitchen, many things find their way there, from ingredients and equipment to gadgets. Well-placed, concealed, and smart storage details your kitchen needs for the aesthetic clean look. 

For a successful kitchen layout, factor in ample storage to keep your clutter away. You need large, easy-to-access storage that is more practical than clever. Big-opening larder units and island pan drawers are examples of practical storage solutions. An integrated fridge-freezer, pull-out larder, and a butler’s pantry work well on a compact floor space and high ceilings. 

Wood Flooring 

Whether vinyl/porcelain or real, wood is hugely popular. The wood effect is easy to clean and maintain; hence one of the best kitchen flooring ideas. Wood surfaces bring a natural feel to any space, and the wood-effect porcelain tiles, when laid in a herringbone pattern, create an amazing look. With natural light streaming in, the wooden effect of porcelain tiles brings a sense of texture and warmth, yet does not in the sunlight. 

Matching wood-effect laminate worktops with wood-effect paneling produces an incredible outcome. Porcelain worktops come in a much thinner profile, allowing you to take the same material as the wall splash backs.  

Sustainable options are also a great factor with consumers with eco-friendly floors like cork, lino, and certified wood which are widely available. Many people gravitate towards what has less impact on the environment. 

Contemporary Handles

Kitchen handles play a major role in the final kitchen outlook. The shaker cabinets with brass or knurled black handles are popular and extremely beautiful choices. You can also consider kitchens with contrasting brass or gold recessed detail that will give you a more contemporary look. 

Warm metallic on green and blue units are great, but the stone effect is extremely popular. Growing kitchen trends like the new sandstone or more natural earthier finishes reflect the concentration of the environment and nature. 

You can pick designer-inspired handles that are perfect for adding style to your space. 

Colorful Cabinets

Classic shakers are still the most popular kitchen trend, and more people embrace colors in modern kitchens. Introducing bold colors is another interesting development of kitchen trends you need to check out. 

Besides the traditional whites, blues and greens are interior trends that are hugely popular with rich hues as they are fast-growing trends. Darker and bolder shades on the cabinetry, like forest green, anthracite gray, and teal blue, add a beautiful twist to your kitchen interior. 


Appealing kitchen designs are fun and extremely satisfying once you get them right. Keeping your kitchen space trendy is important and has more benefits than just looks, as it adds resale value.

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