What’s cooking? You should know!

70% of Americans prepare the majority of their meals at home. If you want to prepare delicious and nutritious meals for yourself and others, you need to act as a chef at home.

But it’s hard to use your hands and nothing else while you are cooking at home. You need to get yourself the best pieces of chef equipment on the market today.

What are the best cooking tools out there? How many of each tool do you need? Where can you find premium cooking equipment?

Answer these questions, and you can make cooking at home a cinch. Whether you are trying to grill a steak or bake the perfect blackberry cobbler, this article has will show you the kitchen equipment you need.


Home chefs need a few different knives. A chef’s knife is a good all-around tool, but you should have a few of them. Using one knife to cut meat and then vegetables can spread bacteria onto the vegetables.

You should also get a serrated knife to cut through bread and hard pieces of produce. A paring knife works great for small foods like tomatoes and berries. You can buy these knives from department stores or retailers that specialize in cookware.

Kitchen Utensils

Spoons are essential for making stews, tossing salads, and stirring ingredients together. You can get a few wooden spoons of different sizes so you can stir various items.

You can use tongs for stirring or picking up ingredients. Try to find a pair with locking handles so you can stir with them without the tongs separating.

If you find tongs difficult to use, you can use a spatula to remove things from a cooking surface. A metal spatula is good for moving objects on a flat surface while a rubber spatula works for moving things in a bowl.


You can use a skillet for sauteing, pan-frying, and baking in an oven. Try to get a few skillets of different sizes that can survive the intense heat inside an oven.

Spend your time looking at skillets, as they are the pieces of cooking equipment you will rely on the most. Companies like GRIZZLY Cookware specialize in premium skillets, so value those companies over others.


A food processor lets you make doughs and patties out of various ingredients. You can use a blender for the same purpose, but most blenders do not chop ingredients down to the degree that processors do.

You should have an oven that you can broil, bake, and warm with. Some toaster ovens let you broil and bake, but they are too small to accommodate roasted meat and other large dishes.

What You Need to Be a Chef at Home

A chef at home needs a few different pieces of equipment. You should buy a knife kit that includes a chef’s knife, serrated knife, and paring knife. You can complement your knives with kitchen utensils like wooden spoons and spatulas.

You need more than one skillet, and you should go to specialists to find the best ones. Try to buy multi-function appliances like food processors and ovens to save on money. You can visit department stores to find these tools.

Once you have your tools, you can start cooking. Read the best home cooking guides by following our coverage.

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