Dogs teach you and your kids a great deal when growing up, but only the right kind of dogs can help set the examples you wish your child to learn. Every dog is not kind, responsible, cooperative, and compassionate, so why not find the ones that are.

When thinking about adding to your family, there are a few things you must consider. These aspects are not just for you, but the dog, and make sure you guys are a good match for each other.

What Makes A Good Family Dog?

There is a reason why every dog is not considered a “good family dog”, as you never know how your dog or kid will react. This is why we are offering you a few things to consider when getting a dog.

Temperament – The dog’s temperament is their personality, which is why you must look for an agreeable temperament. For example, a dog with a calm temperament is more likely to form a strong bond with your children.

Energy Level – In reality, the dog’s energy levels are a personal preference. It’s best to be realistic about your lifestyle and what you can easily take. Hyperactive dogs fit best with families that are all about exercising and being active. If you cannot match your dog’s energy level, it’s best to find one that matches your routine.

Size – While the size alone does not matter, which is why you must take temperament and energy level into account as well. Some large dogs are compliant, while some small dogs can be overly excited. A family with small children needs to refrain from dogs that are too large or too excited.

Best Family Dogs

While keeping the tips mentioned above in mind, you can choose a dog from the list below as we have compiled a list of dogs that work well with most families.

Mixed Breeds and Rescues

While you may be looking for a purebred, you must open yourself up to mixed breeds. They are considered the best family dog and will serve you and your family well. You can adopt them from someone or even rescue one from the shelter. While they might require some basic training, they are great for your home.

Golden Retriever

A smart, confident, kind, and loyal dog! They are the perfect balance between aggressive and timid. What makes them a great match for families is their extremely patient nature, allowing your kids to process things in their own time. Yes, they love the outdoors and will have you running around the block or racing towards the park for some fun and games.

Labrador Retriever

Another popular breed, Labradors, are playful, loving, patient, protective, and reliable. An added perk of labradors is that they are highly intelligent and super easy to train. They are considered to be super active and require more action time than a golden retriever. Meaning you will have to take them swimming, running, and almost every activity.

Irish Setter

A gorgeous red coat that comes with an energetic and playful personality is exactly what you need in a dog. They are kind and love being around people. Moreover, they play well with children and make for a beautiful addition to a big family. Making sure they get a lot of exercises and are always kept around energetic kids and adults. Someone who matches their full of life personality to keep them happy.

Border Collie

Several dogs are classified as Collies. These include but are not limited to a border collie and bearded collie. Collies are gentle and extremely predictable. They rarely misbehave and can easily be trained. Making them a great fit for families, and especially those who have never had a dog before.


All dogs have the potential to be great dogs. However, all dogs may not be well suited to your particular lifestyle. This is why it is very important to do your research and find a dog that works for you and your family’s living situation. When in doubt always go for a friendly rescue, as they are the least likely to have health issues or negative traits that may be associated with certain breeds.

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