An average 18-year-old can expect to move as many as 9.1 times over the course of their lifetime.

While moving can be tiring, it can also be an exciting opportunity to get your belongings in order.

There are also some differences between moving a close distance and moving all of your belongings cross country.

Read on for the best tips for packing for a move so you’re prepared and the move comes off without too much hassle.

Get Rid of Things You Don’t Need

Before you even consider preparing for your long-distance move, you should systematically go through your belongings.

You should have two goals in this process. First, get rid of anything you no longer need, love, or use. Why bother moving that kitchen appliance from the back of the cabinet that you never use to a new kitchen cabinet six states away, only to never use it there?

Second, as you work your way through cleaning, it can also serve as a time to organize. Get like objects in the same place before you pack. This will make the unpacking process more straightforward too.

Pack fragile items separately

One important tip for packing for a move, especially when moving long distances, is to pack fragile items separately and with extra care. Fragile belongings such as glassware, ceramics, electronics, and sentimental items are more susceptible to damage during the move. To ensure their safety, wrap each delicate item individually with bubble wrap, packing paper, or soft cloth. Place them in sturdy boxes or get a large suitcase to provide an added layer of protection. Extra large luggage by Eminent can be an excellent choice for packing delicate items during a long-distance move. These suitcases are designed to withstand rough handling and are equipped with durable materials and reinforced corners, providing an additional layer of protection for your fragile belongings.
When it comes to packing fragile items, it’s better to be safe than sorry, so don’t hesitate to go the extra mile.

Get the Right Supplies

If you’re packing up a house, it will go much more smoothly with the right packing supplies.

You will need the following:

  • A variety of boxes
  • Bubble wrap and shrink wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Thick markers for labeling boxes
  • Scissors
  • Moving blankets for furniture pads
  • Special boxes for art and TVs

Often long distance moving services can help provide materials like moving blankets and furniture pads. They also may have special boxes for moving clothing.

Plan Ahead and Make Time for Packing

Plan ahead when preparing for a move. In a busy housing market, moving services and supplies can often be difficult to secure.

Know when you plan to make the actual cross-country move and book the dates as far in advance as possible.

Also, be sure to set aside time for packing. It always takes longer than you expect.

Watch Weight of Boxes

As you learn how to pack, there are a few things to know about boxes; beyond that, you’ll need them.

First, you’ll want a variety of sizes of boxes for packing. This will help accommodate a variety of household items that need to be secured.

Some people assume the bigger the box, the better for packing. A big box can get too heavy when filled. This can mean objects get jostled and potentially broken in the move.

Label Everything

As you learn more moving tips, one important one for once you arrive at your new location is to label everything.

Sometimes, a long-distance mover will have more than one household’s worth of stuff on the truck.

Once the truck arrives at your destination and movers bring things in, it can help expedite the process if they know exactly what room to place the items in. It can also speed up unpacking when things are in the correct room. If you have not found a moving company yet you can just Google “movers Conway SC” or whichever town you live in.

Use These Relocation Tips for Packing for a Move

As you prepare for a big cross-country move, use these tips for packing for a move to make yours go smoothly.

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