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When most people hear about smartwatches, like the infamous Apple Watch, they automatically picture someone jogging around a park, trying to get their cardio up while also timing themselves.

While it is true that these devices do help with health and fitness, this is not where their use ends in modern life.

Indeed, many people have found that as well as being a great buddy to go jogging with, an Apple Watch can also help you with everything from monitoring housework to planning your week and helping with your job. Great!

So, how do smartwatches do the latter? Read on to find out!

Notifications and Alerts

An Apple Watch, whether new or refurbished from plug tech, can receive and display notifications from your iPhone, including emails, messages, and calendar reminders. It allows you to quickly glance at incoming notifications without needing to reach for your phone, helping you stay updated and respond promptly to important information about your job or family.

This is also great for people who have jobs like dog walking; in these roles, you may not be able to carry your phone at all times, especially if it is raining. However, with a smartwatch, you can receive updates from your phone, even if you have left it at home or in the car. Great!

Time Management

Like all Apple devices, the Apple Watch includes a built-in calendar and reminders app that syncs with your iPhone. So, with a smartwatch, you can receive reminders, set timers, and manage your schedule directly from your wrist, with minimal hassle and voice control. It’s a convenient tool for keeping track of your meetings, work deadlines, and bills, thereby allowing you to better manage your time and stay on top of your workload with better efficiency.

Fitness and Health Tracking

The Apple Watch has robust fitness and health tracking capabilities, including heart rate monitoring, step counting, and activity tracking.

It is safe to say that if you are in a high-pressure job with a lot of deadlines, you will likely want and need some help with managing stress. By promoting an active and healthier lifestyle, this watch can help you to maintain well-being, manage work-based stress, and improve your focus, all of which can positively impact job performance.

Phone Calls and Messaging

The Apple Watch allows you to make and receive phone calls directly from your wrist without needing to reach for your iPhone, which is handy if you are out on a jog. It also supports messaging apps, enabling quick text message replies and voice dictation, which can help to keep you in touch with clients and colleagues without the need to type out a message, thus keeping your hands free!

Remote Control and Automation

With certain apps and smart home integrations, such as the Google Home, an Apple Watch can serve as a remote control for various devices and systems. For example, you can control presentations when you give them in a meeting, adjust music playback when you are working, or even control smart home devices directly from your wrist. This convenience can be particularly useful for professionals who frequently engage in presentations or work long hours and may need to adjust their environments as they go.

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