According to a recent survey, more than 50% of Americans have attempted to lose weight at some point over the last five years. It’s not uncommon at all for people in this country to try to diet and/or work out to drop a few pounds.

It can be very challenging to lose weight, though, which is why so many people struggle to stick to their weight-loss goals. If you’re someone who is having a tough time losing weight, you might want to weigh the Cardarine benefits versus the Cardarine side effects and find out if it might be able to help you along on your weight-loss journey.

What is Cardarine? We’re going to break it down for you today so that you can decide if you would like to give it a try. Our Cardarine guide will tell you everything you need to know about it.

Continue reading to get the inside scoop on Cardarine so that you can see if it might be a good option for you.

What Is Cardarine?

Cardarine, which is also sometimes referred to as GW501516, is a synthetic compound that is designed to work as a metabolic modulator within the body. Although some people are under the impression that Cardarine is a selective androgen receptor modulator, or a SARM, it isn’t. It’s actually a peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor agonist.

Cardarine has only been around for about 30 years now. It was first discovered back in the early 1990s by GlaxoSmithKline and Ligand Pharmaceuticals. But it has already made a big impact on the world with people finding quite a few uses for it.

What Are Some of the Cardarine Uses?

There are lots of different Cardarine uses that have come to light since it was first founded. First and foremost, Cardarine has been used early and often by those trying to lose weight. Studies have long suggested that it could be effective for those going through the weight-loss battle.

But those trying to drop a few pounds aren’t the only ones who could potentially benefit from taking Cardarine. There have also been studies have that shown that Cardarine could be useful for those with diabetes. One study found that it could really help those with gestational diabetes in particular.

Additionally, athletes and bodybuilders might find that Cardarine will work well for them. It might possibly be able to increase their energy levels, give them more endurance, and allow them to work even harder than they already do when they’re working out.

How Does Cardarine Work?

When you take Cardarine, it’s going to affect your muscles on a cellular level. It will make its way to the cell receptors found in your muscles and have a definitive impact on the energy metabolism that takes place in these cells.

By taking Cardarine, you’ll work these cells harder than normal and wear them out fast. This should, in theory at least, lead to your body burning more fat than it would otherwise when you’re working out. It should put you in a much better position to lose weight.

What Are the Cardarine Benefits?

In a second, we’re going to touch on all the possible Cardarine side effects that you might be forced to deal with when taking it. But before we get to that, we want to reiterate some of the positive points when it comes to Cardarine so that you can see why it’s become so popular.

Here are some of the biggest benefits of taking Cardarine:

  • May help your body to burn fat faster and may even be an effective treatment for those who are overweight or obese
  • May provide your body with the benefits of exercising without you actually having to exercise at all
  • May allow the body to process carbohydrates better than it does now
  • May improve your blood lipid levels and stop cholesterol from negatively impacting your life
  • May make it possible for you to put forward better sports performances

There is still a whole lot of research being done on Cardarine and its supposed benefits. But those who use it regularly often report experiencing at least some of these Cardarine benefits.

What Are the Cardarine Side Effects?

As we just alluded to, there is still work to be done when it comes to researching Cardarine. As a result, there aren’t too many Cardarine side effects that have been discovered up until this point.

There are, however, a few things that you’ll want to look out for if you decide to take Cardarine. Here are some of the potential Cardarine side effects.

1. May Lead to Liver Damage

Any time you put any supplements into your body, you need to be mindful of the effect they could have on your liver. Some supplements like Cardarine might wreak havoc on your liver, especially if you use them for long stretches of time.

Generally speaking, most Cardarine advocates will tell you that you should only use it for a few weeks at a time. If you continue using it for weeks on end, that could be when Cardarine will start to cause problems with your liver cells.

Those with existing liver problems should be very careful about using Cardarine at all. They will want to look for supplements that aren’t going to make these problems even worse than they already are.

2. May Increase the Risk of Brain Damage

While brain damage caused by using Cardarine is very unlikely, there are some studies that have shown that it could be possible if you take too much of it. It’s yet another reason why you’ll want to shy away from taking Cardarine for too many weeks in a row.

You would likely need to take very large doses of Cardarine for a long time to experience any brain damage. But this illustrates how imperative it will be for you to come up with a surefire plan when you’re deciding how much Cardarine to take and how long to use it.

3. May Result in Cancer

One of the reasons why more isn’t known about Cardarine right now is because the pharmaceutical companies that first discovered it stopped studying it almost right away. They did this because they found that Cardarine caused cancer in some mice and rats that were given it during clinical trials.

That being said, many people have rightfully pointed out that these mice and rats were given massive doses of Cardarine compared to their small size. This could help to explain why so many of them were later diagnosed with cancer.

4. May Cause Complications in Developing Fetuses

Pregnant people always need to be extra careful about what they put into their bodies. They always need to check with their doctors before using something like Cardarine.

Most doctors will tell pregnant people not to use Cardarine because they could run the risk of causing complications in their still-developing fetuses. There hasn’t been enough research done on this to definitively say that Cardarine can do damage to developing fetuses. But it’s probably better to be safe than sorry in this instance.

5. May Lead to Long-Term Health Issues

Since there haven’t been many studies done on the short-term Cardarine side effects, there definitely haven’t been many done on the long-term impact that Cardarine could have on a person. But there is a chance that Cardarine could lead to long-term health issues.

You should really say this about almost any weight-loss supplements, though, as many of them haven’t been around long enough for long-term studies to be done. It would be worth keeping an eye on any future studies done on Cardarine to see what changes in this specific area.

Where Can You Buy Cardarine?

Would you like to experiment with Cardarine to see how it might be able to help you? As long as you’re OK with the potential Cardarine side effects, you should go ahead and pick up a bottle so that you can test it out.

But you should know that you aren’t going to be able to purchase Cardarine from just any old health and fitness store. Most of these stores aren’t going to have any high-quality Cardarine products in stock.

Instead of visiting them to buy Cardarine, you will need to shop for it through online stores. They can provide you with the Cardarine that you’re looking for and set you up with the best products around.

Here are a few things you’ll want to look for in an online store like that can sell you Cardarine:

  • They should have a well-established history within the health and wellness industry
  • They should have a long list of positive online reviews from people who have purchased Cardarine and other supplements from them
  • They should have a wide variety of products available
  • They should have excellent price tags on the products they sell

You should find that there won’t be any shortage of options out there when you’re searching for a store to sell you Cardarine. Your goal should be to strive to find the best store of the bunch so that you feel confident in the products they can provide for you.

How Much Does Cardarine Cost?

One of the many great things about Cardarine is that you aren’t going to have to pay an arm and a leg for it. You should be able to get away with paying well under $100 for a bottle of Cardarine.

But before buying a bottle, you should, of course, shop around for one through different online stores. You might be able to save yourself a ton of money over time by taking this approach to purchasing it.

You might also want to consider buying Cardarine in bulk once you’re sure that you’re going to continue to use it. The more Cardarine that you buy at one time, the cheaper you should be able to get it for.

Just try to make sure that you aren’t sacrificing quality all in the name of saving a few dollars on Cardarine. You want to buy the best-formulated product that you can to decrease the odds of you having to deal with Cardarine side effects.

Is Cardarine the Right Option for You?

Now that you know so much more about Cardarine than you did when you started reading this article, you should be able to decide if it’ll be right for you. You should stack the Cardarine benefits up next to the Cardarine side effects and see which side reigns supreme.

You should also give some thought to how you’re going to be using Cardarine and what your weight loss and fitness goals are. This might enable you to use Cardarine for a short period of time so that you’re able to hit some of your goals before putting Cardarine away for a while until you need it again.

Whatever you do, don’t rush right into taking Cardarine without a plan. You’ll be able to take full advantage of Cardarine when you’ve got a plan in place and you’re ready to stick to it.

Cardarine Could Be the Key to You Losing Weight

Losing weight is never easy. You’re going to need to be 100% committed to doing it to see results.

You’re also going to have to get creative when you’re working out to push your body to the max. This might mean changing up your workout routine all the time. It might also mean using products like Cardarine.

Cardarine might work wonders for you as long as you can sidestep the Cardarine side effects. It’ll be one of the many tools that you’ll use to battle back against the challenges you’ll face while trying to lose weight.

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