Your kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in your entire house. Between cooking three meals a day, juggling copious amounts of dirty dishes and everyday spillages, the heart of your home can look like the backend at the end of the day. Due to this, it should be on top of your cleaning list to ensure the risk of bacteria, bugs, and other unwelcome things are mitigated.

However, it can be challenging to give your kitchen the clean it deserves when juggling the other daily aspects of life. Therefore, we’ve created this quick guide outlining several ways to keep your kitchen space spotless, including practicing cockroach control by keeping your garbage disposal smelling fresh, cleaning your dishwasher, and much more.

Use Tang To Clean Your Dishwasher

Known as a much-loved breakfast drink across all states of the US, Tang is much more than just a fruity beverage; it is also a toilet cleaner, washing machine cleaner, and even a dishwasher cleaner. Now we know you might be staring at your computer screen thinking, what did I just read? But no word of a lie, Tang’s citric acid is revolutionary for cleaning household appliances.

Whether you need to remove soap scum, hard water stains, or other residues from your dishwasher, pour a whole container of Tang into an empty dishwasher, let it run for a complete cycle before adding your dishes, then watch with awe as they emerge squeaky clean. Just be careful that the sugars in Tang can encourage mold growth and even discolor your dishes – so use it sparingly!

Keep An Eye On Your Garbage Disposal

Nothing quite compares to the stomach-turning stench of a smelly garbage disposal. One of the best ways to keep your garbage disposal clean and fresh is by dropping ice containing rock salt and lemon juice down and letting it run until it’s dissolved. The lemon keeps your disposal smelling nice, while the rock salt helps to remove any built-up grime or food debris. Doing so is especially important for keeping your kitchen smelling pleasant and reducing the risk of attracting bugs like cockroaches.

Yet, even if you are stringent in your cleaning routines, if an infestation has taken root, cleaning will not help you. So, if you’re noticing roaches during the day, it might be time to contact a professional like ABC Home & Commercial who can help you with cockroach control. Whether you require spider or cockroach control, their team can devise a solution for unwanted pests running rampant in your home.

Your Vacuum Is Your Best Friend

Another helpful tip to remember when cleaning your kitchen is that your vacuum is your best friend and can save you time. Instead of running around with a microfiber cloth – no matter how useful they might be – pick up your vacuum. Use the nozzle attachment and run that around your cabinets, shelves, and any other surface that might attract crumbs.

But, if you will be using this hack on surfaces where you prepare, serve, or eat food off, be sure to run over it with a damp cloth once you’re finished with the vacuum. Unbeknownst to you, dust could be dropping off the bottom of your vacuum or from the top of the nozzle, which you or your family could then ingest.

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