Humans use the toilet approximately 2500 times a year, and possibly, even more, if stomach aches present themselves.

Using the bathroom is an unavoidable part of being human, but it doesn’t have to be unpleasant. Even when you’re out in public, a commercial restroom can offer everything you need and more, as long as it is designed to do so.

For this reason, if you are designing a commercial restroom, there are some things you should consider first.

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Consider the Details

When it comes to commercial restroom design, the small details matter just as much as the bigger ones.

You want to create a bathroom that is highly functional, so you need to consider what elements you need to include and the placement of those elements.

For example, you always want to place paper towel dispensers near the sink. It’s dangerous for people to walk through the bathroom with wet hands, as this can cause a slippery floor.

Consider if you want to use handless or motion-activated dispensers. Or, you may choose to install hand dryers, which can reduce how much waste you’ll have to manage.

Installing handless or motion-activated soap dispensers and sinks can also prevent the spread of germs, so those are highly recommended.

There should be hooks on the inside of each stall and a toilet seat cover dispenser in each stall. Make sure the doors are tight-fitting to provide as much privacy as possible and include a wall between each urinal.

Determine the Capacity Limits

When considering your bathroom design, you need to determine how your bathroom will be used. If it will have tons of traffic every day, this will decide how much floor space and plumbing you’ll need to allocate.

A busier bathroom will need more stalls and sinks. It should have enough space to allow people to wait inside the bathroom instead of outside. Reducing wait time should be a top priority, so you want to ensure you have enough equipment to keep up with the traffic.

If it’s a smaller company restroom that will be for employees only, you’ll only need to include a stall or two.

Choose Durability

While you want your business restroom to look nice, you also need it to be durable.

Spending a bit more money on robust and sustainable materials will be worth it in the long run. You should also use a highly trusted company, such as, to install your bathroom equipment.

You don’t want to finish with your bathroom installation just to have all of the equipment crack or stain in a few weeks.

Your bathroom represents your company, so invest more money in it now so you can keep it nice for as long as possible.

Your Commercial Restroom Design Guide

When designing your commercial restroom, it’s essential that you consider every single element. You want to provide a functional and pleasant bathroom, so every person who passes through leaves with good feelings.

If you use these tips above, you’re already halfway there.

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