Selling your home isn’t as easy as it seems. If you want high bids on your property, then you need to put some work into showing off your home.

Home staging can help with that. Home staging is all about showcasing your house or property in a way that makes it so appealing that no potential buyers can pass it up!

With clean aesthetics and simple decor, home staging creates a house that buyers can easily imagine themselves in. This makes you more likely to snag their bid, which means your property can sell for more money.

But transforming your home into something that is ready for move-in day has a cost. Home staging has a range of prices across different locations, which we’re going to explore today.

Home staging yields high returns, so the benefit outweighs the cost. Let’s compare home staging prices in different U.S. cities so you can decide if home staging is right for you!

New York Home Staging

New York is a hotspot for homes, rentals, and apartments. In such a busy, populated city, houses cost more—and sell for more, too.

One of the principles of home staging is that the more expensive the home, the more it will cost to stage. The bigger it is, the more it will cost as well.

To set up your home staging, there is an initial consultation that will cost you on average $500. It shows that you’re dedicated to home staging and pays for the time it takes for the designers to plan your home staging.

After that, most home staging contracts in New York go room by room, with each costing an average of $500. This means your total, per month, could come to $2,000 to $3,000 depending on how large your house is and how many rooms.

Still, you’ll see that money back in returns!

Los Angeles Home Staging

In Los Angeles, home staging will run you more than New York will. But it’s still well-worth the price, as the profits will be greater.

Los Angeles home staging prices can be anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 for a 3-month staging. Most contracts state that you have to commit to a 3-month period if you’re staging your home, so take this into consideration.

A smaller apartment or townhouse can average at $5,000, while a larger house may go up to somewhere around $10,000 for a 3-month stint.

Home staging is crucial to selling your house at top-dollar prices, however. You’ll make this money back, and more, by consulting with a designer to stage your home for showing.

Chicago Home Staging

While Los Angeles has steep prices for home staging, Chicago is a little tamer. The price still depends on how large your home is and how many rooms it has, plus the location, but there are some averages we can share.

Large, fully furnished homes in Chicago can cost about $6,000 on average. But for more modest properties, you might find your average to be around $2,000 to $2,500 per month.

This is a great price for the area! Some home stagers will have an hourly rate, where they charge for staging and showings. You can take advantage of this rate and price point and stage your home for relatively cheap in comparison to other cities.

These designers are experts at what they do and will ensure that your property gets plenty of high bidders.

Houston Home Staging

When you’re staging your home in Houston, you’ll find that most of the costs are for design and for the furniture that these experts use to stage your home.

Homes in Houston can be larger and have more rooms to stage and show. But on average, for a 2,000 sq ft. home, you’ll find the cost sits at about $8,000.

But of course, depending on your location and your home, you may pay more or less for your home staging. But expert design means expert showings, which will net you more money when you sell your home.

Phoenix Home Staging

You know that more buyers will be interested in your property when you choose to stage your home. In Phoenix, you can get home staging on the less expensive side, which may suit your budget better.

The cost to stage your home in Phoenix still varies, but on average, you’ll pay anywhere from $500 to $2,000 per month. Those are great prices for such a big return.

Potential buyers will love your home when you stage it for showings, and at that cheap a price point, you have no reasons not to! You’ll profit more than in other locations if you’re home staging in Phoenix.

When All Is Said & Done, Is Home Staging Worth The Cost?

Home staging has a ton of benefits, but like everything, they come with a cost. 

Despite this, home staging to potential buyers is profitable and yields great returns as buyers will pay more for property that looks move-in ready.

Financially, even with the cost, home staging is well worth it. You’ll find that you get higher bids and more interest buyers.

This guide will help you compare the cost of home staging in different U.S. cities so you can determine if home staging is in your budget. With home staging, you’ll be on the right track to getting top-dollar sales on your home in no time.

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