A dog bite victim’s settlement amount can depend on many factors. Experienced lawyers can help victims build strong claims and maximize their settlements. Laws differ by state. For example, in conditions that apply strict liability laws, the owner or harborer of a dog is held liable without having to prove negligence. In other states that use comparative negligence, a jury verdict may be reduced by the victim’s percentage of fault.

Medical Bills

Medical bills can be quite expensive depending on the severity of a dog bite injury. These damages include prescription drugs, hospital visits, surgeries, and other medical treatments. Some victims may need skin grafts or further reconstructive surgery to address scarring, nerve damage, or other cosmetic issues. Complicated surgeries and other treatments can cost thousands of dollars. Under strict liability laws, the dog owner is responsible for any medical costs that result from their pet’s actions. This means the victim is entitled to receive money from the dog’s owner for medical expenses and other damages such as lost wages, pain and suffering, and property damage. A skilled attorney can help you calculate your economic losses and place a monetary value on noneconomic losses such as pain and suffering. This can ensure that you are awarded the full amount of the compensation that you need to recover. A lawyer can also ensure that your health insurance is reimbursed for any medical expenses you have already paid out of pocket.

Pain and Suffering

Suffering from a dog bite can be a very traumatic experience that can result in debilitating injuries. The victim may have to spend a significant amount of time in the hospital, which can result in expensive medical bills. If the victim cannot work during their recovery, this can further strain their financial resources. In this situation, a personal injury lawyer can help the victim obtain compensation for their pain and suffering. This may include monetary awards for physical and emotional harm suffered as a result of a dog attack. This may include compensation for nerve damage that can limit movement and impact a person’s quality of life, as well as emotional distress from intrusive memories of the traumatic event. An experienced attorney can also assist with obtaining compensation for a victim’s ancillary losses. For example, if a bite incident leads to an infection that requires antibiotics, victims may be entitled to compensation for their medication expenses. Additionally, some states have strict liability laws that hold owners liable for their dogs’ bite injuries without considering whether the dog owner acted negligently.

Lost Wages

During the recovery process, many dog bite victims have to take time off from work for medical treatment and physical therapy. Lost wages can add up quickly. Victims who pursue legal claims against the dog owner or keeper are entitled to recover lost income as compensation. Aside from monetary damages for past and future lost wages, people who suffer from serious dog bite injuries may also receive compensation for their pain and suffering. This includes emotional distress, such as PTSD and anxiety-related issues, as well as loss of quality of life and decreased ability to enjoy activities. A qualified attorney can collect evidence, interview witnesses, file paperwork and negotiate with insurance companies to maximize compensation. They can also take a case to trial if necessary to ensure that victims are awarded fair prizes.

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