For some, a house is never truly a home until a pet is there. For many people, a canine chum is exactly what they require to feel more comfortable in their new environment, alongside providing company, love, and entertainment. Dogs can be messy, though.

Whether you own a pit bull similar to the one in hit movies like John Wick or you’re keen to show love to a bulldog from popular games like the fun Fortune Dogs game, any four-legged friend can wreak havoc in your home. In fact, it can be very difficult to keep a house clean when there’s a pesky pooch running around in it. It certainly shouldn’t put you off owning a dog, though, particularly as there are some simple steps you can take to keep your house neat and tidy while living with a dog. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

A bottle of stain remover is your friend

Dogs can decide to go to the toilet on your new carpet or bring mud from outside all over the sofa, making it important to have a bottle of stain remover nearby at all times. Not only will it beat stains and enable you to keep your house looking good, but it will also help your haven keep its fresh smell and remain inviting for guests.

An automatic vacuum is a must

One of the many reasons why people love dogs is due to their naughty nature, that provides plenty of comical value. They’re also loving and loyal, although they do tend to anger their owners if they manage to knock something over or shed a lot of hair. In order to combat this common issue, a vacuum cleaner is a must. You’ll then be able to enjoy your dog’s personality safe in the knowledge that you have a powerful automatic vacuum cleaner to use when your pooch friend finally decides to take a nap.

Consider covering furniture

While the first two tips are perhaps for the more relaxed dog owners among us who don’t mind their pets running around and jumping on furniture, it’s entirely understandable if you’d rather they didn’t. It can happen, though, particularly when you aren’t in the room, or you’ve popped out for a short while. To give you peace of mind, covering your most beloved items of furniture is recommended, with people opting for bedsheets in particular. They’re easy to wash and straightforward to throw over a comfortable classic chair or an expensive couch.

Pedicures are important

Dogs can have sharp nails that can scratch up a new kitchen floor or ruin a recently purchased bed cover. As such, it’s important to make sure their nails are kept under control and don’t grow too long. Pedicures are the answer here, with dog owners everywhere either cutting their dog’s nails themselves or taking them to a professional to get them done. An important thing to do if you like to keep an immaculate home is to get a regular pedicure, which is vital for a dog.

A lint roller does the job

While the aforementioned automatic vacuum can get rid of most mess, sometimes hair can turn up in the most unexpected of places. To fight against the spread of hair, a lint roller does the job thanks to its ability to remove hair from a variety of household items, such as a lampshade or a blanket. Adding one to every room in the house will enable you to keep on top of any annoying hair.

Other things to do includes grooming your dog regularly and storing all toys in one area.

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