Different types of bulldogs are one of the world’s most recognizable dogs. From America to Australia, millions of Bulldogs share their home with families around the world.

But did you know not all Bulldogs are from America? The French Bulldog made its way to the US from France. So, how do you know if you want an American Bulldog vs French Bulldog?

The best way to decide is to learn more about their background, what defines each breed, and five key differences. Keep reading to learn more about an English bulldog vs French bulldog.

1. Size and Physical Features

To start, English Bulldogs are typically about twice the size of French Bulldogs. They usually weigh between 50 and 60 pounds, while French Bulldogs usually weigh between 18 and 28 pounds.

The English Bulldog also has a bigger head, a wide, short muzzle, and brows that stick out. The French Bulldog, on the other hand, has a dome-shaped head and a longer muzzle.

The English Bulldog also has a shorter tail with a slight curl, while the French Bulldog has a long tail that typically hangs down. Lastly, English Bulldogs tend to be stockier and have a squarer shape, while French Bulldogs are narrower and have slimmer bodies.

2. Temperaments and Behavior Patterns

English Bulldogs tend to be a bit more boisterous and outgoing. They welcome a good romp and make great playmates. French Bulldogs, on the other hand, tend to be more relaxed, with a lower energy level when it comes to playtime.

In addition, English Bulldogs are more protective of their humans and more prone to guard behavior. French Bulldogs, conversely, have less guard dog instincts and are less likely to watch over their owner. Also, English Bulldogs can be more stubborn than French Bulldogs, which are easier to train and more flexible.

3. Health Issues to Consider

Firstly, the English Bulldog is more prone to heat stroke and is strongly discouraged from strenuous exercise because of it. The French Bulldog is more predisposed to spine, shoulder, and hip issues.

The French Bulldog tends to suffer from fewer immunological issues than the English Bulldog. French Bulldogs often require less as far as exercise, whereas English Bulldogs need more.

4. Exercise Requirements

English Bulldogs need regular exercise, with around 30 minutes of walking every day. While they enjoy their walks, they often get tired quickly – it’s best to pay attention to if they need to take a break and replace the last bit of their walk with some playtime.

French Bulldogs, on the other hand, are slightly less active. They usually only need a few short walks per day, with a total of around 15 minutes of walking.

5. Ideal Owners

Those with young children would be better suited to an English Bulldog as they tend to be more patient and gentle. Those with a smaller living space or who like to take their pet everywhere they go would be better suited to a French Bulldog.

This is because they require less exercise and are more adaptable to smaller living conditions. If you’re ready to own a fur baby, consider checking out French bulldog puppies for sale and have the best bulldog companion in your life.

Comparing English Bulldog vs French Bulldog

An English bulldog vs French bulldog is both adorable and loving companion, but they come with different temperaments, sizes, and energy levels.

Ultimately, it’s important to carefully research both breeds before making a decision.

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