Buying a brand new house (as in a home that has never been lived in before) is an exciting experience you shouldn’t take for granted. Not everybody will get to enjoy this experience in their life, so the people who do should know that it is an especially enjoyable experience. To move into a home that has never been lived in before means you’ll get to enjoy a new space all to yourself without anyone calling it their ‘home’ previous to you.

A smart thing to consider before calling a moving company is to seriously downsize your items and only bring in the things you need – and, of course, the things you feel like you should keep. I’m not recommending you throw away sentimental items and gifts from family, but I am recommending you really consider each item to ensure that you absolutely need it. Every item requires mental (and physical) space and should be meticulously reviewed, especially if you are moving in to a brand-new home

Think of this space (both mental and physical) when you’re home downsizing in order to make the most out of your packing and decluttering efforts, says moving expert Erich Horder of Olde World Movers. “Downsizing should be taken seriously, and getting rid of a few pairs of socks isn’t going to cut it. Take on those big items and find a way to get rid of them. Now that’s downsizing!”

Horder recommends you start with the objects that would be the most difficult to move and take up the most space. “When moving, those are the most difficult items to move so they should be sorted through in order to make the move easier on you. After starting with the largest items – think dressers, cabinets, bookshelves, and more – work your way down to the next biggest, and so on. Eventually, you’ll work your way down to the smallest, most insignificant items that might not seem even worth sorting through.”

But all items should be sorted through in order to make sure you get rid of as many items as you can.

Mark Shattuck of Dream Home Studio helps people design, build, and transition into the homes of their dreams. He says every new home should be treated with a level of respect, including not bringing in an abundance of useless, worthless items.

“If you bring in a collection of junk on your first day in your new home, then you’ll only continue to build on that in the coming days, weeks, months, and years,” says Shattuck. “Get into a good habit of minimizing the junk you have in your new home on day one and stick to it over time in order to make the most out of your new home.”

Decluttering is a mindset and it has to be instilled early in the life of a home in order to ensure that you are strict. If you can move in on the first day with limited items, and continue to keep up this mindset each day, then you’ll be able to live in an organized, decluttered home that allows you to keep only healthy items that you value.

Another thing to consider is the limited space many of us are dealing with these days, and new homes being built are often smaller than homes from 25 years or more ago. Our homes are smaller and more compact, so we should have fewer items with us in order to maximize the space we have available to us.

A cluttered space leads to a cluttered and complicated mind. Especially if you have the honor of breaking in a brand new home, you should downsize as much as you can and declutter your space!

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