These days, a lot of people are struggling physically and mentally in their own ways. Modern life is dynamic, and everyone has different needs, wants, and problems. Whether you’ve been in an accident or have become addicted to something, rehabilitation can mean a lot of different things. The more we encounter problems, more solutions are created by the experts and specialists. Whoever you are and whatever you need, below are five types of rehabilitation services you should know about.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy, or OT, is a form of physical rehabilitation that aims to provide function and mobility to people, especially in the context of their work. OT specialists are great for athletes, people who have injured and need to get back to work, and disabled people who need more function and mobility. Whether you are trying to go back to your physical job or need to improve overall functioning, OT can be very helpful—especially when it is coupled with physical therapy.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy, also known as PT, is one of the most effective forms of rehabilitation and methods to facilitate people with injuries and disabilities. It’s a lot like OT, except it is typically more long-term. PT will utilize techniques such as joint mobilization and manipulation, soft tissue mobilization; heat, cold, or electrical stimulation; and dry needling (you can learn more here about this particular procedure and its benefits), and can be applied to people with lifelong disabilities, physical ailments from recent accidents, or injuries sustained many years ago. Whereas OT usually has an end goal in mind, physical therapy is more comprehensive. Both combined can really help people get better, gain mobility, and improve function.

Mental Health Rehab

There are many mental health disorders and conditions that require treatment in a facility. Mental health rehab is often necessary for conditions like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, even extreme bouts of depression. It doesn’t matter what the ailment is, mental health rehabilitation saves lives. It can help people live happy, functional lives. Of course, just because someone goes to rehab for mental health issues doesn’t mean that they are incapable of living great lives. There are all kinds of amazing treatments specialized for mental health issues of all kinds.

Drug & Alcohol

Like mental health rehab, drug and alcohol facilities have specialized to provide personalized and comprehensive treatment for substance abuse and dependence. Addiction treatment centers have become central to the fight against drug abuse. You’re probably aware of the 30 day rehab model. This is just a part of the recovery that people with addiction go through. Addiction rehab begins with detox. Then the patient goes into an inpatient facility or outpatient treatment at a rehab. The difference between inpatient and outpatient is simply that in the former you stay overnight at the facility and in the latter you do not. 

After the initial bout of treatment, the patient begins the 12-step program where they get a sponsor, work the steps, and become a sponsor. Then, aftercare is needed. Whether the person decides to go to a sober living home or just continues going to meetings and working the steps, there are plenty of ways that aftercare can be enacted. Long-term treatment of some sort is always needed for drug and alcohol addiction. It isn’t the only type of addiction that requires long-term treatment. So does sex addiction.

Sex Addiction Rehab

Sex addiction is now viewed as a legitimate condition. With the spread of internet porn, sex and porn addiction have become much more prevalent. It often requires long-term, comprehensive, and specialized treatment. Sex addiction should be treated with talk therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and sex addiction counseling. Sex addicts should work the 12-step program too, with a sponsor and aftercare. When the necessary treatment is provided, people with sex addiction can live more functional lives.

Rehabilitation has become an integral aspect of American culture in general. With privilege comes more time to treat these ailments. Whether it’s a physical accident or a mental health issue, there are a lot of rehabilitative treatments that are necessary for all kinds of people. Society has reached a turning point, and the economic imbalance and wage gap has led to a lot more addictions and mental health issues. Manual labor and accidents lead to physical problems that require therapy. Whatever the issue, rehab is not a monolith. It is necessary for all kinds of people with an ailment that needs treatment.

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