Consider agility training if you’re looking for an easy way to keep your dog healthy and happy. Agility is a fun sport for dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds.

While you might need help finding affordable agility equipment at Aldi, there are plenty of other places to shop for your gear. With some knowledge, research and shopping savvy, you’ll be able to get the agility equipment that’s right for your dog at a price that’s right for you.


Agility training is a fun and healthy way for dogs to exercise, socialize with others, and bond with their owners. It’s also an excellent way for beginners to train their pets.

Many affordable dog agility equipment options are available for those interested in introducing their dogs to the sport. However, it is essential to select the right pieces of equipment for your needs.

Safety is a top concern when purchasing equipment for your dog’s agility training. Ensure that the equipment meets the safety standards the American Kennel Club sets.

In addition, ensure that the equipment is lightweight and durable so your dog doesn’t injure themselves while training. Some equipment, such as bar jumps, can rip easily if the materials are flimsy or poor.

If you’re looking to purchase a set of affordable agility gear for your dog, consider the following features:

Safe and Easy-to-Build

One of the best pieces of agility equipment is a set of weave poles that are easy to assemble. These can be created from lengths of PVC pipe with enough space in between to allow your dog to walk or run safely through them.

Another popular piece of dog agility equipment is a tunnel. These can be purchased from most department stores and furniture outlets for under $100. The tunnel should be lightweight and heavy enough not to move around when your dog runs through it.


Investing in affordable items that can withstand rigorous use is best when purchasing agility equipment. This will prevent your dog from damaging the kit and save you money in the long run.

The durability of your agility equipment is essential because it will be used a lot during training sessions. It should also be made of solid materials that won’t rip easily when your dog plays with it.

A few key things to consider regarding the durability of your agility equipment are its material and the design of the pieces. Using a flimsy fabric or plastic will only make the details of the equipment fall apart quickly, which will be inconvenient for you and your dog.

Another feature to look for is portability. Most agility gear will come in a carrying bag that can be used to transport the pieces from one location to another.

If you plan agility workouts with your dog, purchasing the equipment that closely resembles the real thing is best. This will make your dog feel like they are getting the same experience as in a competition or class. This will help them build trust in the equipment and encourage them to engage with it more.


If you want to start training your dog in agility but have yet to invest in the specialized equipment required for competitions, you can still get started with some cheap and easy-to-adopt DIY dog agility equipment hacks. These simple tools can help you practice foundational skills while keeping your dog safe and having fun!

One of the most common types of agility equipment is the weave pole obstacle. Weave poles are a great way to challenge your dog’s agility and change of direction speed, as it requires them to weave between poles to reach the end of the course.

These obstacles are available in different sizes and can be set up to fit your dog’s needs, whether they’re new to agility or an experienced competitor. Some even come with carrying bags for convenient storage and travel.

Agility tunnels are another popular option for portable dog agility equipment. They’re a quick and easy way to burn energy off and have fun practicing agility exercises indoors or outdoors!

If you’re looking for a way to keep your dog busy while on the go, this portable agility kit from SOWSUN is a good choice. The equipment is made of rugged plastic and is easily assembled and dismantled. It also comes with two carrying bags for easy transportation.


The cost of dog agility equipment can be a challenge to budget for. However, there are ways to reduce the initial investment without sacrificing quality or fun.

First, consider whether you want to compete or train at home. Competition fees can add up quickly for competitive dogs, but the basic costs for training classes are relatively low ($100-$200).

If you’re just interested in keeping your pet active and engaged, a backyard obstacle course is an excellent way to give them exercise and bonding time with you. It’s also a great way to burn off pent-up energy and build trust in your pups.

Another option is to buy a training set that includes the essentials for starting agility. These items are a tunnel, a couple of different types of jumps and weave poles.

While most trainers suggest using short tunnels for beginners, you can also build a full-scale agility course with PVC pipes and other materials at home.

You can also buy more expensive obstacles like tire jumps, dog walks and A-frames. These may be a little more expensive, but they are worth investing in your dog’s athletic development and health.

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