Dog ownership is on the rise. According to the latest statistics, there are nearly 90 million dog owners in the United States. That equates to over 27% of the total US population!

If you are getting ready to join the dog-owner club, you may be wondering about large vs small dogs. You may think small dogs come with more benefits. But that’s where you’d be wrong.

Owning a larger dog is one of the most rewarding experiences in many people’s lives. Today, we want to help you understand why people love big dogs so much with this guide.

Are you wondering about the benefits of big dog ownership and which breeds you should consider? Then you clicked on the right article. Keep reading to find the answers to these questions.

The Benefits of Owning a Larger Dog

The only downside to owning big dogs is that they require a lot of exercise and need more food than small dogs. As long as you can put up with these preconditions, you can expect the following benefits.

Big Dogs Bark Less Than Little Dogs

Big dogs tend to be much less vocal than their smaller counterparts. This is due, in part, to the fact that larger dogs have much less energy. Plus, bigger breeds are much easier to train to not bark.

Did you happen to end up with one of the rare big dogs that do bark a lot? No worries because a shock collar for large dogs is a safe and effective way to quell barking for good.

Big Dogs Keep You Safe

Big dogs may not bark a lot, but when they do, their barks are loud and can be frightening. Criminals and other intruders will think twice before trying to enter your home when they hear and see your furry friend.

Additionally, larger breeds tend to be more protective and loyal. These dogs are invaluable allies to have on your side, especially if you live alone, with young kids, or in a rural area.

Big Dogs Are Highly Intelligent

Conventional wisdom says that large dogs are smarter than smaller ones. Now, there’s actual evidence to prove it. A University of Arizona study found that bigger dogs really are more intelligent in terms of memory and self-control.

Why are bigger dogs smarter? The researchers chalked it up to the fact that big dogs have larger brains. While bigger brains don’t always mean higher intelligence, it is true in this particular case.

The Biggest Breeds for Large Dog Lovers

Have we convinced you that a big dog is the family pet you need? If so, check out our list of the best breeds for families, depending on your unique needs.

The Large Dogs That Rarely Bark

Sharing walls with your neighbors is never a good thing when you have a dog that likes to bark. If you want a larger dog but are worried about barking, consider these breeds that rarely bark:

  • Bullmastiffs: These guard dogs weigh up to 110 pounds and are ideal for protection, though they do not tend to bark a lot
  • Borzois: These sleek pups weigh up to 120 pounds, but they are not very protective and do not bark often
  • Greyhounds: These fast canines are surprisingly gentle giants and weigh up to 65 pounds and would rather take a nap than bark at squirrels
  • Bull Terriers: These independent pooches are powerful and protective, which is why it is so surprising that they are not big barkers

Other quiet dog breeds to look into are Great Danes, St. Bernards, Newfoundlands, and Scottish Deerhounds.

The Best Large Dogs for Protection

The best dogs for protection are fiercely loyal to their owners but aggressive toward strangers who threaten their loved ones. If you want a loyal big dog for protection, consider breeds like:

  • Bullmastiffs: These muscular hounds are well-tempered and extremely loving, but they are also among the best guard dogs out there
  • German Shepherds: These loving doggos are a top choice among police for a reason — they’re incredibly smart, loyal, and fierce
  • Cane Corsos: These noble furry friends are a type of mastiff that is highly intelligent and easy to train, especially if you want it to protect you
  • Doberman Pinschers: These energetic and fearless doggies look as aggressive as they are toward intruders

Akitas, Giant Schnauzers, Rottweilers, and Belgian Malinois are also good guard dogs to consider for your family’s safety.

The Most Intelligent Large Dogs

Smart dogs are the best dogs. They are easy to train, have big personalities, and will keep you and your family constantly entertained. Some of the smartest big dogs include:

  • Standard Poodles: These pooches are bred as show dogs, but don’t be fooled by their beauty — they’re super smart, too
  • German Shepherds: These rovers have a ton of confidence, which may be due to how intelligent they are
  • Golden Retrievers: These puppers may not be the best option for protecting your home, but they are super friendly, loyal, and smart
  • Doberman Pinschers: These fidos are not just protective; they are also incredibly smart and simple to train

The most intelligent dog is the Border Collie. These dogs are medium in size, growing up to 55 pounds. If you value brains over brawn, though, a Border Collie may be the best breed for you.

Ready to Become a Big Pet Owner?

Getting a larger dog comes with a ton of benefits. They are more protective and intelligent than small dogs, and they tend to yap a lot less, too. We hope this guide has helped you find the perfect family pet.

Looking for tips and tricks for new pet owners? Check out our pets section for more articles like this one.

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