Many people are willing to change the look of their homes by replacing old roofs. As a result, roof replacement occupies more than 90% of the US roofing market.

Whether you’re building a new home or upgrading the current one, having the latest roof improves your home’s curb appeal. The upgrade also provides safety by protecting your home from leaks and mold buildup.

A successful roof replacement needs early preparation to reduce stress and last-minute hassle. Read on to learn how to prepare your home for a new roof.

Clear Your Yard

Clear your yard beforehand to give contractors to ease the roofing process. Pruning all low-lying trees whose branches are near your roof makes your whole roof accessible. Also, it limits damage to your new roof, especially during the rainy season.

Cut the grass a day before roofing to have a clean yard that doesn’t hide debris or falling nails. Short grass exposes fixtures and features like sprinklers and ponds, limiting damage and injuries.

Cover Your Attic

The attic will likely collect significant dust and debris since roofers walk and pound your roof with hammers. Covering your items with a cloth keeps them clean. Besides, you can protect your floor with painter’s drop sheets to ease the cleaning process after roofing.

If the attic holds items with critical sentimental value, transfer them to a secure place. Storing the belongings in safe areas, such as the ground floor, reduces vulnerabilities when getting a new roof.

Inform Your Neighbors About Your Roofing Plans

Inform your immediate neighbors about your forthcoming roofing activity and the planned timeframe. Talking to your neighbors beforehand allows them to adjust their schedules or accept to work with the noise.

Since a damaged roof may have broken objects, informing your neighbors creates awareness of any flying shingles or nails. Also, it allows them to cover belongings in their backyard before work commences.

Have an Accessible Electric Outlet

Roofers need accessible electricity, especially from your house’s exterior to power equipment. If you don’t have an outdoor outlet, ensure you plan for an alternative source. You can extend the power from your house by allowing the cords to pass through the window or door.

Consult an expert to help you understand the tips for getting a new roof. The roofing contractors will also inform you of any electrical requirements for powering their tools.

Clear Your Driveway

Apart from advising you on how to get a new roof, the roofing contractors also give you tips for preparing your home. For example, roofers need a clear driveway to provide enough space during their working process.

Remove cars and any dumped items from your driveway to have a sufficient area for roofing contractors. This space enables them to load shingles freely into their truck.

Prepare Your Home for a New Roof

Understanding how to prepare your home for a new roof is ideal for avoiding injuries and damages. You can prevent such safety issues by cutting grass to clean your yard. Preparing beforehand also limits the stress that may come with upgrading your home.

You can also protect your valuable belongings by keeping them away from dust or debris. This measure helps you avoid any further costs when acquiring a new roof.

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