Most people will have a bucket list of some sort. It might be career-related, or to do with health and fitness targets, maybe relationship goals. There are many things we all aim to strive for in our daily lives.

Of course, for many people, a bucket list is travel related, and as we grow older the list becomes lengthier and more imaginative.

With modern life often busy and chaotic it is only natural to have such travel aspirations, and working your through a bucket list brings many advantages.

You get to explore the world and in doing so enjoy different experiences and cultures. It can help improve your mindset and reduce the natural stresses and anxieties of life. It can also bring educational values.

If you don’t yet have a bucket list, one tip is to start with things you would like to see in your state or country first, then expand out to Europe and other continents and tick these off too.

With that in mind, here are some hidden gems you might want to consider adding to your bucket list.

Tarn Canyon, France

When people hear France, the first inevitable thought is Paris and visiting the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre, but there are some gorgeous places to visit away from the hustle and bustle of the capital

Tarn Canyon is a place of wonder and beauty. You could rent a kayak or canoe to head through the canyon itself, while Castelbouc, Peyreleau, and Eglazine are stunning, small villages between the gorge and the river that are must-sees.

Treviso, Italy

Situated around 40 minutes from Venice, a trip to Treviso – Italy’s famous floating city – is well worth a day of your time.

Take in the scenic canals, and wander around the grand Doge’s Palace; embracing and falling in love with the picturesque views on walking tours whilst exploring the province. Snap pictures of the stunning architecture in St Mark’s Square, and treat yourself to a gelato.

Tromso, Norway

One of the more unusual places to visit in Europe, a trip to the Arctic Circle is a wonderful experience and Tromso is a great place to go.

With temperatures regularly dipping below -4 Fahrenheit you will certainly need to wrap up warm – especially for the real adventurers out there who decide to take a dip in the Arctic Sea!

You could try out the spa boat, head out to look for whales, or attend the Tromso International Film Festival and the Northern Light Festival.

Ladakh, India

A huge area encompassing valleys, villages, lakes, peaks, and monasteries there is plenty to keep you busy in Ladakh.

The Lez Bazaar has souvenir shops, trekking gear shops, travel agencies, cafes, and supermarkets, while a trip to the Shanti Stupa monastery – built in 1991 – is one of the most popular attractions.

Leh Palace is a great place to explore and was the residence of the royal family who previously ruled over Western Tibet. And there is plenty of food to sample at the many cafes, from all sorts of different cultures; the Bon Appetit and French Bakery, Brazil Cafe, and Ladakhi Women’s Cafe are among the gems to eat at.

Wadi Rum, Jordan

Also referred to as ‘the Valley of the Moon’, Wadi Rum is a picturesque valley cut into the sandstone and granite rock in Southern Jordan, close to the border of Saudi Arabia.

Since 2011, The Wadi Rum Protected Area has been a UNESCO World Heritage site and is a popular tourist attraction where you can take a guided tour, go for a hike, or partake in some rock climbing.

Taranaki, New Zealand

Situated on the west side of New Zealand’s North Island, Taranaki is a beautiful mix of coast and mountains.

Take a walk through Pukekura Park, meander down the New Plymouth Coastal Walkway, or for the real walking enthusiasts among you take the trek up the stupendous Mount Taranaki.

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