As we head towards the summer months, it’s that time of the year again to begin thinking of sandy beaches and toasty holiday weather. We can also take a look into what our styles are going to be when those warm months come. However, at this time when excitement for the summer is building, it’s vital that we don’t get ahead of ourselves and commit a fashion faux pas with our shades. 

Whether you’re on holiday or out and about in your local town, your choice of shades in the summer is likely to be the first thing that people notice about you, and it’s essential that you make these impressions count with your look. 

Choosing the right eyewear to compliment your look is about more than just copying your favorite celebrities. Styles can look great or terrible based on a number of factors from how you use your fashion accessories to whether they suit your image. With this in mind, let’s look at some of the biggest fashion faux pas that you may find yourself falling into this summer: 

Take Your Face Shape Into Account

Yes, blacked out Dior aviators can look great on Kylie Jenner, but do you have the face shape to pull them off? 

The problem with seeing celebrities style out bold sunglasses looks is that you can forget that you may not be capable of recreating their look because you have your own genetic canvas that can be optimized with different styles. 

Fortunately, there are many glasses style guides out there online that can help users to change their look and adopt a new pair of shades that best suits their face shape. 

Although you should never let style guides get in the way of wearing the fashion you want, it’s certainly worth looking out for freely available advice when it comes to making sure your style matches your expectations. 

Don’t Jump Into Impractical Trends

The Matrix sparked such a significant cultural event that we’re still seeing its iconic small lens sunglasses get picked up by celebrities around the world. 

While they can offer quite the refreshingly eye-catching look in a world filled with larger-lensed eyewear, they can also be wholly impractical for when those warm weather months arrive. 

While the look only suits a specific face type, the smaller lenses mean that your vision can remain obstructed by creeping sunlight that ventures into the gaping holes between your lens and eyes. If you sport thicker rimmed glasses, you may also find your vision impacted around the edges of your spectacles. 

However, for calmer climates this summer, the right pair of small lens glasses may still be capable of playing a vital role in your seasonal wardrobe. Find more info on brands like Tory Burch, where you can see a strong range of subtle small lens glasses that can carry a striking look. 

Never, Ever Wear Your Shades Indoors

Yes, celebrities do it all the time, but unless you’ve developed your very own cult of personality or find yourself in a glaringly bright room, never make the mistake of wearing your sunglasses indoors. 

“Unless you have a medical condition, a starring role in The Matrix or go by the name of Anna Wintour, you have no business wearing sunglasses indoors,” notes Rob Nowill, senior menswear editor of “It’s wildly pretentious, and downright cheesy. What’s more, it’s bad manners to neglect eye contact with people you’re talking to.”

Remember That Not All Celebrity Trends Can be Pulled Off

One of 2022’s biggest trends was the gas station sunglasses fashion statement pioneered by Kim Kardashian. So called because of their resemblance to the cheap glasses stands you can find at gas stations, the trend is a case in point that we have to be very careful with the styles we adopt from celebrities. 

While Kim looks super-fashionable here, and while there’s nothing wrong at all with funky colored and fancy-styled gas station sunglasses, it’s certainly a look that can go either way as a faux pas. 

With this in mind, try to cast a critical eye over the new sunglasses trends you see between now and then, take a moment to consider your face shape, and try to spare a thought or two about how you can complement your choice in eyewear. 

This summer’s most vibrant styles can be most successful if they’re bold and daring–but try to make sure that your chosen eyewear is right for you. With summer once again a matter of months away, we have ample time to refine our look to be as iconic as possible–nobody wants to fall into a faux pas. 

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