Looking to add an accent wall or spruce up a boring room? Wallpaper is a fun and easy way to inject character and color into any space. But knowing what colors, patterns, or wallpaper styles to choose requires a patient and thoughtful approach. 

Read on to learn how to select the best wallpaper that’s available today!

Explore Different Types of Wallpaper

To get started, look at wallpaper backing materials before making a selection. Wallpaper types include vinyl, printed, flocked, and more. Vinyl is a good choice in a bathroom, kitchen, or another area prone to moisture.

Not sure you want to mess with applying paste? Then pre-pasted or peel-and-stick papers are an easier solution. And many varieties of the peel-and-stick kind are easy to remove if you change your mind.

If you’re worried about a tricky installation, choose a larger pattern with defined edges. Tile patterns are among the easiest design motifs to cut and line up. The clear edges will make it easier to avoid crooked cuts!

Consider Your Room’s Color Scheme

When redoing a living room, a smart homeowner will map out a color scheme first. Are you going with neutrals to create a soft ambiance? Then you might want a delicate, low-contrast wallpaper pattern featuring a metallic design or pattern.

On the other hand, you might want a punch of pattern in a room with stark white walls. Go with a Victorian motif in gold against a peacock green background for the ultimate dramatic accent wall. In a more modern room, choose angular geometric shapes in black and white to create a precise focal point.

Complementary colors will give you the most contrast at full saturation. Stick with analogous colors, or neighboring colors on the color wheel, for a more soothing palette. And consider any patterns in your upholstery that might clash with your chosen wallpaper patterns.

Don’t Overlook the Room’s Function

The room’s function should inform the wallpaper styles, too. For instance, you don’t want a delicate hand-printed paper installed in a rec room where kids and pets roam. And you want the wallpaper styles to suit the level of formality, too.

Go with a bold arabesque pattern to make a formal dining room feel grand. Buy this kids safari wallpaper to create a jungle environment. Or choose flowers for a burst of nature in your powder room.

You even can go with mural wallpaper when decorating walls. A mural featuring a famous painting or scenic overlook can help extend a room and make it feel bigger. This can be a fun addition to an office or parlor and it will be a great conversation starter!

Find the Best Wallpaper for Your Needs 

Determining the best wallpaper will depend on your room’s function and colors. But you also should consider the scope of the project and how labor-intensive you want it to be. You can tap into the efficiency of peel-and-stick papers or go the traditional route using paste.

For more helpful home decorating tips, check back for new articles.

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